Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend of fun....

Kids make the world go round! Today we had fun introducing Grace to her cousins Dillan and Rylan and her Great Grandma Hope. They had sooo much fun hanging out and playing. Dillan (5) said she loves Baby Grace, and kept saying "she is soooo cute". She was so good with her and gave her lots of hugs and kisses! It was very cute to see them all get to spend time together and just be kids and have fun! I took this picture of all their hands today. I just thought it was so cute going from oldest to youngest on the top. They grow up sooo fast it is crazy. Great Grandma Hope also came out and met baby Grace for the first time. Grace really like Grandma alot! Here she is with all her Great Grandkids. I love so much that my children know and are close to their great grandparents!
Nanna and Papa also came out and brought out their camper. We just had to get a pic of them with all the grandkiddos!! AFter the scare the other day with Grace going boom boom, my mom (nanna) could not wait to give her kisses!

This was Grace's and My first girl day out to eat. With a nine month old, it is a brave thing to do. We picked up my sister and headed out to eat. IT was a fun fun time! ohhh and did I mention a busy time too :-)

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