Saturday, January 26, 2013

Growing up before my eyes!!

 My God where does time go? I just took her photos in September and I can not believe how much she has changed and matured in her looks in just a few months. But look you notice something ?? Yep no more glasses. My little girl has grown into wearing contacts and she is loving the like crazy. So proud of her. In December she was announced as student of the month in her 8th grade class. And next weekend with a mommy heart that wants to hold her at home..I said yes to her going on a big youth group trip that is 9 hrs away from home. She has a great group of kids in her youth group.  She begged and begged to go. Knowing it is a great thing for her , I still am her mommy and I just have a really hard time letting go for things like this. I am not the mom that has signed her kids up in camps as soon as summer arrives. I am the mom that loves her kids home, and love doing things with them.  She has such a heart for the Lord...I love seeing her grow spiritually. Such a sweet girl with her head on her shoulders...not a follower..but a leader. God watch over my little girl that seems to be growing up before my eyes!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

"Who's tummy did I grow in "

Gracie has knows since forever she is really special, born in Korea, and she is very proud of it. She has seen photos of her foster family. Never really asking anything much deeper than that. Just normal talk you would expect from a 2-3 yr old.    But today the big question a four year old would ask it. Out of the blue and unexpected. "Mommy who's tummy did I grow in, Did I grow in your tummy?"  I took a deep breath and thought to myself..... ok here we go. I have been wanting to talk more about her adoption, so here is my opportunity to do so. ..but in a gentle way that is right for my four year old...To myself I said "Help me God to do that and choose the right wording". 

 I am sure everyone has their very own approach as to how you talk to your children about their adoption. You just have to go with what is in your heart and what is enough yet not too much for the age that they are.   I believe that there will be many different stages in her life where she will have more questions. The older she gets the questions will be deeper..and possibly harder.  From the moment we began the adoption process I was praying for this part of her life to not be a burden for her in her life in any way.   That she would not grow up feeling like a piece was missing..but that GOD would fill that place in her heart and make it whole and give her peace always. I still keep praying for that and always will. 

Today I really assured her that God has such a special plan for all of us..His plan for her was for her to grow in her mommy's tummy in Korea, but then he wanted me to be your forever mommy and for you to be my daughter, for us to be her forever family. We talked about other families we know...Like Allyssa who was born in China..etc..  God love us all so much and wants the very best for all of us.  His plan is always prefect! 

I am fortunate that Grace very much loves the Lord, she talks about God a lot, asks questions about him. Last night the sky was pink. Grace said look mommy God is painting a picture for us, the sky is pink and purple! :-)) She is so sweet! Today I am grateful for this talk with my precious daughter!! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

From Blonde to Red

Here my goofy daughter decided to go from blonde to red ....This red is a little out dated..cause she acually went ore red this week..Ill try to get a photo to post it. Seems lately my little girl is growing up on me. Amanda has had glasses since she was 2 yrs old..but Just last week she got no more glasses!! I feel like she grew up on me in one week. New hair, and contacts just make her look older..and this mommy has a hard time letting go ...