Monday, July 25, 2011

catching up

Wow, I have not blogged for a while. This summer has seemed to fly by very fast. Only a few more weeks and school will be starting up again. UGH..I hate that word. I hate it when my house is quiet and I am having a serious issue with my son going into highschool. How does this time go so fast. It seems like he was just 4. Seems like it took forever for the weather here to warm up , but once it did look out because it has been very hot. I love summer because it is my time to spend with my kids. Weve been to the pools and lakes quite often, Since Terry works late I took a trip with kids to my home town. It was fun to see family and friends.  No big vacation plans this summer unfortunatly :-(  Life it good and I can't complain about a thing. I also know I can't blog with out leaving you some photos. So here are a few from our summer so far.
 Gracie loves the lake and going, but doesn't like to float really very much. She'd rather play in the dirt and rocks. No beaches around here. ...
 below, my best friend from forever ago reunited after 20 years of being apart. Dawn and I were best friends all through school ....and now finally we were both going to our home towns at the same time. IT was sooo amazing to see her, work out together, go to dinner, and talk about everything we could in just a short time. I miss her alot and it was hard to say good bye. Friends like this don't come around in my life too often. Sad we live far apart.
 My mom and i by her pool!!
 Gracie telling her Great Grandpa a long story. Can you tell she is very serious. I think Gramps got it all too.
 beautiful Amanda, can't believe she will be in the 7th gr.
 My aunt Sandy- someone who is like a second mom to me. For many years after my dad passed away she was the one i turned to and talked to about every day. All growing up she has been the one I knew I could talk to in confidence.
 This is my gramps...he is so special to me!! Can't imagine life with out him.
 sandy and amanda sandys beautiful flowers!! So nice to having you live so close sandy.
 and this is what I do every morning..i wake up go for my run, and eat many eggs and oats for breakfast. I have been in two fitness competitions in the past 8 months and so living healthy, staying fit has become a huge part of my life. I couldn't do any of it with out God. He paves the way! I do the work it takes to get there.