Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Storff

Happy Birthday to a wonderful man, father, son, husband, and friend! We hope your day is wonderful!
We love you !

To many more happy happy birthdays!!

Smokey & Fire Crew Visit Preschool

 Today the fire dept took a little visit to the preschool Gracie attends. She was on cloud nine this morning knowing today was the big day. Even more thriilled when in her words "the real smokey bear from in the hills and in the sky came". LOL. Sooper cute things they are doing at her preschool. Im totally thrilled at all she is learning.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Enjoying the beauty of Fall...

This past weekend we all got out to enjoy some of the beauty of the fall season. ...My most favorite season of all , and it just does not ever last long enough. Love the crisp air (although it has still been high 80's here lately), love the changing of the colors. After that I could pretty much go live on a beach some where warm for the winter season :-)) winter is not my thing at all. ..so here are a few pics from our family date out that started with just going to the park and ended up going through the canyon. I love to make traditions for my family and this is one tradition that we have had for 16 years.....would love to hear some of yours??
 I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up on me. I know I repeat that alot, but they are all growing like weeds. We just bought the teens pants for school and now they need more because they are getting taller. So crazy..:-)

 Gracie was leading the way to the water fall...

 Bay is taller than his daddy now..:-))

 cute sister moments...

 always wants to get her photo taken...she asked me to take it here..
 posing for photo..lol

Later we got kids some ice cream and then hit the pumpkin patch. Grace just wanted a really small cute one..so the search began...
Happy Fall Everyone...