Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Being a Mother is a treasure..

My kids mean the world to me!
sweet, loving, incredibly well mannered, talks all the time, playful, imaginative, and always wants to do things herself.

A leader and looked up to, a great friend to others, sweet, caring, lovable, honest and truthful, smart yet witty, full of talent and ambition for life, always strives for the best.

caring for others around him, loveable, smart, learns from mistakes, affectionate and always has a hug and an I love you for everything!

"The profit is in the albums"

Today I was talking to an old friend about my studio and I said I always envisioned selling the business and making a profit after 12 yrs instead of just closing my doors. My friend said "The profit is in all of your photo albums, and all the girls lives you touched over the years and the memories they have".  This statement really hit me and the more I think about it I realize just how true that really is. I think just hearing that today has helped me hit a new level of acceptance for moving on with my life in another direction.  It's like a band aid for my heart! :-)  The profit really is in all of my photo albums, and boy do I have many of them! I have great memories that can never be replaced by money, but only to be treasured in my heart!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Playing in the fall leaves

What a beautiful, sweet, and playful little daughter I have!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I got my ears pierced!!!

Yes it was her idea! She said when Im 3 I want to get my ears pierced. Oh and she said on a friday!! Not sure where that came from but one day I was going to take her and it was not on a friday, and she was sure to tell me "no mommy it's not friday yet".  Little smart girl ! So we rehearsed this over and over, how there will be a poke that may hurt a little but only for a short while, you may cry a little , but not for long . You know the whole deal. So the day came and she was excited. The girl did one ear then the other. She sat there not crying at all. She waiting a bit , then I swear there was a look on her face that said " hmm when mommy rehearsed this with me I think I was suppose to cry".."Yeah I think I'll cry now".  She did not cry long..and soon we were off to getting ice cream and she was asking me to text daddy a picture of her new earrings!! LOL. Funny sweet girl !!

Recognizing different races

Before I tell you my story of today, just let me say that were we currently live there is really not alot of diversity. Definetly not many people you see from Korea. Ok with that in mind ..here is my story.

Sisters are forever!!
Today Gracie and I took our weekly trip for groceries to walmart. As we walked in there was another family that looked like they were Korean.  Grace glued her eyes on them, even looking over me to watch them . As I kept walking into the store (her in the cart) they soon followed. She kept looking around me to see if they were coming. I slowed down to see what she would do. As this family walked by she just stared at them with amazement. I could see in her face what she was thinking. I said to her do you think they were born in Korea like you ?  She said yeah I think they are from Korea mommy!! I realized that she had some connection and excitement with seeing them. Later in the night I was sharing the story with my husband, only this time I had tears fill my eyes. I'm not sure why really other than I realize that she is learning how people look different, noticing different cultures, specifically her own,  and I know we need to have more talks about her beautiful story. It prompted me to start working more on her life book! I want to always be open about everything with her. This book will lay out her story with pictures and we can read it to her. She can be proud of her birth country and culture.   I just feel that being open , honest , and proud in a positive way will help her to have high self confidence and know with out a doubt that even though she did not grow under my heart she grew in my heart and she is 100% our daughter, and we are her family!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Storff man!!

 Today we celebrated Terry's (storff's ) B - Day!! I think he just turned 30...or something like that. LOL.  The weather was perfect so we got outside to take some fun photos, then took the b-day boy to dinner,

And...the perfect ending to the day is to watch His VIKES (lose)..I mean play ..haha

 We all even got on our VIkings Gear thinking it might help them win...but ummm I guess it didn't help :-)

Hope you had a great birthday anyway Storff man!!! We all love you!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A week has passed

 So now a week has passed since I officially started moving the studio out and closing it. Today I had to go up there to open the doors so that some workers could get my mirrors off the wall and bring them to the basement of my house. Last weekend Terry and his dad cleaned out the studio for me so that I would not have to be up there, today was the first time I'd been there alone, and  with it completly empty. It took me back to the day I first moved into the building. I remember I was so excited to have found such a special place, great windows, and great views. I had to pause for a moment by myself as tears rolled down my face I would remember soooo many great memories with all of my kids through the years. I walked from room to room just to remember all the great things that happend here in my sweet amazing space!! I then quickly left still crying as I walked down the stairs and out the door. I believe at times I just function in a state of denial or disbelief, but it is real and this is a new chapter of my life now weather I like it or not, it is what it is and I need to pick myself up and keep working towards all the other opportunities that await me. .....

Monday, October 3, 2011

A few fall pictures

work weekend

This past weekend was definetly a big work weekend for us all. Getting things sold at the studio, moving the keep stuff home (which I have no place for) and the stuff that is to dump. It was a pretty successful weekend for selling. I was able to sell a majority of all the big things, but I have to say there is still alot of things left. Thankfully I had a friend show up on saturday to just support me. She was amazing helping me pack things on friday and then to show up out of the blue on saturday just cause she knew I was having a hard time was extremely special to me. I never expect anything from anyone really. So when someone does something like that out of the kindness of their own heart it definetly gives me warm fuzzys. It seems this day and age people are definetly wayyy to busy with there own lives usually to just go out of there way to lend a hand unless you happen to ask. It was great having her there and I ended up using her shoulder at least one time on saturday! :-)

Now this week I need to move everything that has not sold (not sure where to go with it all, our garage is all full of the keep stuff). I am feeling overwhelmed by things things and more things all around me. I feel i could literally just put it all in the garbage. I hate stuff, and being consumed by it all. I am a neat and tidy person, and when things are out of order, I feel out of order. Feels like I am drowning in it all, and I really don't even want to look at it. This will more than likely be my last week of getting the studio packed. I know the day I lock that door and walk away will be a teary moment for me. 11 yrs come and gone!

Last night my daughter did say to me "mom it has been really nice having you home at night when we get home from school". I have to say that made my day!! :-)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Phase One..Sell, Sell, Sell (Going to be a tuff day)

This week I have been trying to work on my dance studio and get all the stuff from 11 yrs all packed up. I never imagined how overwhelming all this stuff would be!  Sell, throw, and go home piles. I have had my moments of tears, and moments of strength and excitement for what lies ahead. This morning is my big sale..many other studio friends from other towns will  be coming to buy hopefully alot of my stuff. Cross my fingers and hope that much of it will sell. Deeeeep Breathhhh!!! ..................................