Monday, April 16, 2012

Gotcha Day/Family Day

Today 3 years ago we were anxious, nervous, and so very excited to finally hold our daughter in our arms!! The long long wait was finally over and she was going to be in our arms. I will always remember this day just like it was yesterday. The feeling of holding her, kissing her, smelling her. Her looking into my eyes and smiling at us all. It was like she knew she was home. All the prayers for her that she would bond quickly...and I certainly can not forget how much she bonded with me right from the beginning..would not even let me brush my teeth or go to the bathroom. So yes I held her doing it all. What ever she needed I was going to do.   If interested you can click the link below and read our journey of what the first few days where like with our sweet daughter...
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On the side bar is our Gotcha Day video...Enjoy, be inspired!
Tonight we are having a Korean dinner in celebration..Pics to come later tonight !!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter pics

I should have taken more pictures on Easter Sunday , but kind of forgot..So not like me at all. I hope you all had a great are just a few pics I got ,. God Bless!!
Finally Monday we were able to go out to our friend Stacey's and see her baby chick...not so little anymore, but oh still so cute. Hopefully they will share some of the eggs these bring..hint hint!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Track Season at it's best

 This saturday we had a great first track meet, supporting Amanda in all her races. I knew my daughter was fast , but seeing her compete was totally amazing! She took first over all in all her races. She ran the 200, the 100, relay , and hurddles ~ placing First in all of them!! Yes you could say we were a little proud her :-) She kicked butt. Little Miss Determination for sure!! Good Job Amanda!!
 supportive little sister showing her muscles ~
The weather here has been beautiful...averaging 70-80 degrees. Unreal for this time of year. The trees are blooming and omg Im just really hoping we do not get any more snow! We all got sun burnt except Gracie! I heard Coconut oil helps you to not Im trying it and will see ....
Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all have a great week!!

"Im born in Korea"

Thank you for your support on this topic I posted last week as my heart was pretty heavy about it..praying Id have the right answers and maybe my heart was just a little saddened thinking about it. Also just a topic that we know as she gets older may have more specific questions. At preschool last week she was wondering if one of her classmates was born in Korea too :-).  We know that now is the time to be open about it and start talking!! We were blessed by the foster family to have over 300 photos from her birth until the time she came to be with us at 8 months old. I have them all in a special album and we look at the pictures when she decides to get them out and page through them. We do talk about her foster family in Korea and what a special family they are.  The topic of her birth parents just has not come up, but I realize that that will come from me, I need to talk about it with her.   After talking with many of you I feel comfort in just being natural about it and the need to bring it out now to keep it "normal" conversation that she can feel comfortable to have at any time ...Yet for now keeping it more simple for 3. So thank you for your responses, I need the support and very much appreciate it !! 
Im putting together a picture memory book of her life from birth where I can talk about her birth mommy, her foster family, and coming to be with us her forever family .... I think photos are a great way to tell a story. Her story is special and beautiful !!