Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday!! Hoola Hoopin

Kindergarten at 5 --or Not?

So this year Grace went to preschool. Love the A-becca curriculum. She has a excellent teacher we feel has done a great job with her. So then comes the big question...Do we send our little girl who will turn 5 on August 4th to Kindergarten or do we wait?  Well all year actually we thought she would go to Kindergarten next fall. Her teacher kept saying she is definitely very smart "gifted" and will be more than ready to go. 
So kindergarten orientation comes..I took her to that. They evaluate your child and you wait. Yep papers say she is academically ready. Socially she is ready. But why are we suddenly having doubts about her being the youngest. Maybe God is trying to tell us something. So I asked the question on my adoption chat I am part of . Of course I got about 40 plus comments saying many different experiences. Some people children were fine starting that young, some struggled later.. Well it was the struggling later that caught my attention on this. So I kept asking more people. Not asking them what I should do , but to get to hear maybe  some more experiences.  Still many of the same stories with both sides. I asked my sister who works in the schools as a counselor. She consulted with 4 different teachers. The consensus was wait- this surprised me. She gave me reasons I had not thought about. Looking way ahead....She would graduate at 17, youngest in class. She may be ready academically but they have seen children that hit about middle school age and being the youngest catches up to them. Not only will she always be small, but also younger. Honestly she still loves her nap time too..all day kindergarten could be really hard on her.   Her friends would all get to drive a whole year before her. Just different things that would come up because of a younger age. With every thing gathered and really praying about this. We both suddenly felt great peace ( i love when God does this) about waiting off another year until we start kindergarten.  With all taken in ....there was not one person that regretted waiting. While many did regret starting them so young. In my opinion you can never go back!!  In talking to her preschool teacher she also felt that waiting would be best...she wished she had waited with her daughter too.....She will advance Grace up another level in the A-Becca curriculum and work with her on K-5. So she will not be bored but challenged.  When she goes to Kindergarten the following year she will be older, but probably always at the top of her class . 
 I can't seem to post with out pictures can I!! 

I am happy that I get another year before my little one starts full time school....This younger age is so precious...thank you GOD for giving us peace about this decision!!!

Family Day April 16

 April 16- we celebrated our Family Day! Four years ago that our little Gracie was in our arms. This is a day I will never forget and one of the very best days in my life! If you have given birth to a child I compare her being in my arms for the first time exactly the same as when i birthed my other two children. I can not believe how fast 4 years has gone by. It seems like she is growing up so very fast!! Being our youngest child I think I really cherish these younger years.
 Lovely Cup cakes...

Daddy picked her up from Preschool- and had balloons for her-she was so excited and surprised he picked her up too..
Its tradition for us on this day to have Bulgolgi for dinner- Sooper yummy

My sister and her little one Eira made it over for dinner. :-) 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Snow --we got dumped on !!

 Yep we got dumped on ..School cancelled...and about 12 inches of snow!! One little girl is loving it and trying to sled as much as she can!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Secrets to Stress Free Living...

I read this on and wanted to share it with you....

I believe that the two words that have the most power are the simple words “Yes” and “No,” and when and how you use them will have more impact on your life than nearly another factor. Personally, I have a hard time saying “No.” I’m really more of a “Yes” kind of guy, but I’ve found out the hard way that saying “Yes” too often can lead to disaster.
“Dad, can we have ice cream for breakfast?”Sure! I think I’ll have some too!”
“Dave, can you please take on this big commitment that you don’t have time to do?“Okay! I’ll find time.”
“Sir, could I talk to you about how purchasing a Time Share could be a great investment?” “Sounds awesome!”
I’ve had to learn the hard way that without a healthy amount of “No’s,” I end up overcommitted, broke, burned out, stressed out and ineffective. Maybe you can relate to what I’m saying. Perhaps you’ve gotten into the habit of saying “Yes” a little too often and it’s time to push the “No Button” a little more frequently.

So, how do we do it? How do we restore balance and healthy boundaries into our life? Here are a few tips that I’m learning…
1. Always take time before committing.
Get out of the habit of immediately saying “Yes” and replace it with “Maybe” or “That sounds like an interesting opportunity. Give me some time to think it over.” There’s wisdom in thinking before committing. A quick decision is rarely a wise decision. Be very slow and cautious to make commitments, but then always keep the commitments you make.
2. Realize that every “Yes” means “No” for something else.
Every time I commit to something, I’m taking time and energy away from other relationship and priorities to do it. Every “Yes” comes with a cost and I need to be intentional and wise about investing in the right opportunities.
3. Don’t Give Excuses.
When I do say ‘No,” I find myself immediately wanting to rattle off a bunch of good reasons why I can’t say “Yes” and might ultimately talk myself into changing my mind. The bottom line is I don’t need to justify my decision. A simple, “Thank you, but I can’t commit to that right now,” is plenty.
4. Remember what Matters Most!
Don’t let too many “Yes’s” redefine your priorities. My Faith, My Family and My Health have to take priority and I don’t want to jeopardize any of them just to appease or impress people. If you don’t set your priorities, someone else will set them for you!
I’m writing all this as a guy who still has a lot to learn, so I would love to hear from You. What have you done to bring balance to your schedule? How have you protected yourself and your family from overcommitment?