Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gracie had her first trip to our dance studio. She loved seeing all the kids dancing. You cant see them in this photo, but this class is practicing their dance for recital that is coming up this coming weekend. So many many things to get checked off our list, Im not sure how terry and I do this year after year. This is our 9th year. But like every year it will come together! It is always an exhausting week for my entire family. I don't think many people really realize all the hard work. To top it off, I had to take my two girls into the doctor today. Amanda has a really bad sinus infection, and Grace had her first WBC, turned out they did blood work and a urine sample with using a cathider. UGH!!! Im not sure why the need to run tests. I thought I was just in for a simple weight and height kind of thing. But our pediatrician said they run these tests with all adopted children. Well I have never been worried about anything....but did what she wanted. I had to leave the room...only to break my heart. I felt like she would think I was leaving her. AFter only one week of being home, that is the last thing I ever want her to worry about. I could hear her cry and it about tore my insides out to hear it. After they were done I went in and "rescued" her from the mean old nurses :-). My poor little baby. They called later this afternoon, and tests all came back great. Duh!! I could have told them that. We went from the dr office to the Theater for my student practices, and I carried her in the little carrier around the front of me , she slept for 2.5 hours like that. She was just happy to be in mommies arms!! Last night she slept the entire night through from 10pm-4am. We acually slept. She has a horrible cold now, and the dr. put her on meds, so hopefully very soon my two little girls will feel much better!! This weekend we will have lots of family out that come and see the shows. Pray for our family during this busy time and that we are all healthy and have a fun weekend. I will miss the kids from the studio this summer as we take a summer break, but Im really looking forward to playing with my kids all summer long!

Friday, April 24, 2009

TGIF Ready for the weekend...

Our little Sunshine!! Gracie is so adorable and so easy to love. We are all over the moon in love with her. Today she has caught a little cold and seems a bit more fussy and clingy to mommy, but that is ok. We just pray she is better soon. I also think she is teething.
Big Brother teaching her how to play with the new toy that her nanna bought this past weekend. This one is a winner for sure!!
Gracies first trip to the beauty salon. No she is not getting a hair cut, but mommy is. My stylist and friend who does my hair also just had a baby boy, they named him Blaze, and with her only pushing a few times I understand the name. He is so cute. We had so many great stories to tell eachother. Both of us celebrating our new babies. Kirsten has seen me and heard my emotions of the ups and downs while waiting for Grace to come home ....after all you tell it all in the salon chairs right? She was soo excited when daddy brought Grace in to see us.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

One week Home Already!

Grace is taking a afternoon nap so I thought I would write a little bit about how she has done for her first week home. It is amazing to me to think of all the changes she has gone through in the past week and how we are seeing her blossom! Today on this hour 4:20 she was put into our arms for the first time. What an amazing feeling. Our Gift From God!! She smiled at us right from the start and did not cry. She did not cry until bedtime on first night.
Her first night we drove into a blizzard and had to pull over at the nearest hotel. This was probebly a blessing just to get out and stretch and play. When it came to bedtime we had a long night with her as she was missing her foster family terribly. She totally clung to me, and did not want anyone els. We prayed for this and we were happy that she found such comfort with me.

When we got home on Friday the kids were so excited to show her all of her toys. We were amazed at all the things she was doing. She was happy to be home and able to crawl around and check everything out. She really enjoys going all over and playing alot. She loves peek a boo, and patty cake! She giggles and smiles alot. She loves when her sissy holds her hands and she can walk around. Oh my goodness, she is doing so much more than we thought she was. Right when we got home..up went the gates on the stairs and we lowered her crib since she is so active. Her nights for the first 5 nights were completly on Korea time. Terry and I were up all night which is when she was ready to play. Yes play! So we did :-)

Monday was her first outing, and Im thinking just seeing too many people at once was maybe too much. She seemed great at the time, but Monday night she was grieving again for her foster family. She would cry out Uhma (mother in Korea). That was a sad and hard night for her. To see her cry in this way was heart breaking to see. We were aware that this is part of the process for her and is very healthy for her to go through it. We just held her tight. And again she preferred me over daddy during that time and found comfort with me. I held her all night long until she finally fell asleep on my chest.

Tuesday we saw the light and she napped during the day and did great! She slept for the first time through the night, and again on Wednesday night. We feel she is getting into a great routine with naps and nightime routines now. We try to keep things consistant and the same in the bath time etc... She naps in her crib in her room during the day, and sleeps with us at night. She loves to be rocked to sleep in her room. It is quiet and comforting to snuggle.
She is such a happy happy baby and doing great. It is amazing to us how many changes she has been through, but is really bonding to all of us. Daddy can now rock her to sleep for naps, but night time for sure is Momma. :-) . If a stranger talks with her she holds mama tighter. We all love her so much. I look at her all the time and think..."wow she is finally ours and finally home at last".

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grace's First Week Home!

Grace's Forever Family!! April 16th at 4:20pm A day we will never Forget! You can see our Gotcha Day Video from the airport in a past post below! Grab kleenex!
Grace loves, loves, loves her bath time!!
She loves to crawl all over the house, and walk with us assisting her holding her hands. She rules the house, and we all love it so much. I keep looking at her and can't believe she is really ours and is really home with us!
mama and Gracie! This was our first day out and about. Mommy, daddy, and Grace all went to Daddys office to visit, and then first trip to ---mart. Not my favorite place in the world, but we needed some more baby things. I carried Gracie on my front pack and she slept through the shopping. Then we picked up Bay and Amanda from school. She was excited to see her brother and sissy! We had no idea she was doing so much. I think it is alot for only 8 months old.

This is one of her favorite toys, she can walk with it and as she walks with it the toy sings "walk along walk along" and on and on. She loves it so much!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Day at Home & Doing Great!

Today was our First Full Day at home we are all doing great! Mommy and Daddy are a little tired, but for the most part we are running on excitement still! Grace is a very happy baby girl, she is loving playing with her brother and sister! All Our Prayers Answered! She is precious!
Grace totally bonded to mama right from her first glance. She won't let her out of her sight. It is absolutly wonderful! We all love her so very much! She is our Gift From God!

Home at Last!!

Gracie is home at last!! Our drive home went on forever so it seemed. After getting Grace we headed home....soon down the road we were surprised by a blizzard and the interstate traffic came to a complete stop. Cars did not move for one hour. As we sat there trying to make the best of a hard situation...we looked up on a snowy dark hill and there was a cross lit up on the Hill. We were amazed! And we were quickly reminded that God is with us and we should not worry. Soon after that traffic began moving again but interstate was being closed, we had to pull over at the next town, and took the last two rooms available! The next morning we were able to keep heading for home. ...
When we pulled up at home we were surprised to see that some of our friends had been to the house and decorated the outside and the inside, made fresh cinnamon rolls and made everything so very special for us when we got home. Thanks Vicki, Dawn, Stacey, Andrea, and Barb! We loved everything you did to pamper us and make comming home special with Grace!
Welcome Home My Baby!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gotcha Day Moment on Video

Oh my goodness, where do I start! Our hearts were racing with anticipation of finally meeting our little girl for the first time. Over two years of waiting for God to bring us the baby he designed to be in our family has finally arrived! Walking into the airport we all realized this is going to happen TODAY!! YIPPY!! The photo of our little girl we have stared at since January is going to be in our arms in just minutes. What is all so amazing to me is how God really answered all of our prayers we prayed for over a two year period. Here are some of the things that were prayed about and answered in a big way....and many blessings along the way.

We prayed that God would place our baby in a great foster home. God answered....She was in the best foster home ever! This foster family deeply loved and cared for her as they have their own child. They sent thousands of photos of Grace from the time she was just one month old. The oldest daughter made Grace a photo album full of memories with their family. They also included a video DVD. This was so amazing to see how they played with her, and to see such love that they have for her. Foster mommy even sent a beautiful gift for me. All of these things just made us cry many many happy tears. We are forever grateful to the Foster Family for the great start that they gave our little Grace Gyeong-eun. This is why she is such a happy baby! We hope that one day we will get to meet them all.

Prayed that she would be healthy...God answered..she is absolulty adorable , loving , happy, and perfect for our family!

Prayed that she would bond to us quickly after we meet, that He would give her dreams of us in our sleep, that when our eyes meet for the first time..that she would have a peace that can only come from HIM and know that she is finally Home with her Forever Family that loves her! God answered.......When our eyes met for the first time, she greeted us with a smile! She did not cry at all like we had thought she would. She is very much bonded to mommy first. In fact at the moment mommy can not be out of her sight at all, mommy had to brush her teeth with Grace in her arms...definetly a special bond right from the start! Thank you Lord!

Gotcha Day!

Oh No the flight 770 is running about a half and hour later!

The morning to go get little sister! What an exciting and unforgettable Day!

We went and did some shopping to get time to go faster, then to the we sat and sat and waited and waited for that airplain to land!!

waiting more and more......

Holt's wonderful Greeters Ellain, and Debbie. They were so great, and seemed like family! Ladies if you happen to see this. Thank you a million for your support and encouragment, and also for taking tons of video for our family. You did a great job Debbie..even without your glasses..heehee!

Here is me about to jump out of my skin waiting for Grace to come up the escalator with her escort! I think dad and Bailey thought I was nuts!!

Gotcha Day!!

"I like mommies necklace"
Waiting at the airport

Here she is ...our little Gracie

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

17 hours to Gracie!!

My Sweet Littlte Angel!!
Traveling to meet Gracie!!

Love of my Life!
Today was a great day, We made it to beautiful Colorado and had a really awesome family day! As I post this blog we know Gracie is just getting onto her plain with her escort. Oh my goodness!!! She will be in our arms in 17 hours. "Lord Protect her and surround her flight with your angels, and give her comfort beyond all understanding." It is truely amazing that after over 2 years of waiting the day is finally going to be here. She is coming Home and is on her way right now! WOW! God's love is so amazing. I am overwhelmed with feelings right now! Im grateful also for the fun family day we had. We planned on just playing today and that is just what we did! Think of us on Thursday at 4pm MST. We will have Grace in our arms! Praise GOD!
Eating out at Benihannas. Our first experience. ..and it was fabulous!!
Mr. Chef man was cool!

Time to SWIM!!

How high can you jump??!!

What a great day of fun.....The Kids had a blast! I love them to pieces!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 More days to Gracie!!!

Oh wow, What a day today has been. I think I went around with my head half way into my daily routine. My mind was so into getting ready to leave town I could hardly think about anything els! Many times I found myself a little "spaced out". Many many emotions have overcome me today off and on. Today in Korea is Wednesday. I know that today in Korea is Gracies last day she will spend in her country of birth and the last day she will spend with the foster family who is the only family she has known since she was born. My heart aches for her today and tonight as I write this knowing that tomarrow in Korea she will be saying good bye to the wonderful foster family that gave my daughter the best possible start to her life. I will be forever grateful! They have loved her and taken care of her as their own, and now I know they will have hurt in their hearts to say goodbye to her tomarrow. I just keep praying for them and for Gracie that Gods comfort will flow over them!! I will go to bed tonight and talk to God until I fall asleep, I will dream of the moment Grace will meet her Forever Family and seeing Gracies little sweet eyes stare into mine! God Bless!

Monday, April 13, 2009

3 More Days to Gracie

Ohhhh my goodness!! Only 3 more days until we meet our sweet little Grace face to face. I always pray that the moment our eyes meet that there will be a huge connection, that God will give her the feeling that she is HOME! I have stared at her pictures for almost 3 months now, and I have everything about her memorized! To see her come off the plane with the escort I know my feelings will be overflowing with excitement! We have tons to do to prepare for leaving, so this will make the time go very fast for us. The kids are jumping with excitement today. Terry is getting things lined up at work. He plans on taking two weeks off. Since I run our dance studio business, and we are getting ready for our big spring production, I have made plans for some friends that will fill in for me and cover dance classes, so they will continue on. We still have some loose ends to tie up with more details for the show, but will get them done in the next two days. It will be great to have some great family time. One of my dreams was to bring our Gracie out on stage with our family at the end of the show. I'm so Thankful to God that this now will happen! After May 2nd (after our spring show), I will have the next 4 months off. What PERFECT timing GOD has!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to you all!! Church was awesome this morning!! We feel so blessed for all that God has done for each of us! We are getting soooooo excited to see Gracie this week...only 4 more days! Bailey and Amanda are soo excited, they keep talking about it all the time.
My Beautiful little girl!!

Goofing around and being weird!
Amanda did a great job on her bunny cake!!

Saturday, Woungbi took us to our First Korean Restaurant. It was umm umm Good!
Many fun memories to cherish and this is one of them!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

She's Coming Home!!!!!

Today we got the call we have been waiting for....Your little Gracie Gyeong-eun will be home on April 16th. She will leave Seoul Korea on Wednesday night at 11:10pm, and arrive here at 3:51pm on Thursday (our times) Oh my gosh!!!! I can't believe after all this time, we will finally see her face to face. We will be able to kiss those little cheeks and cuddle her and love her forever! She is coming home! Thank you Jesus for this beautiful gift you have given to us. I thank you Lord for molding us to be what you want us to be. Isn't it amazing how when I let go ...really let go and new I could do nothing to make her come home is then that God can do His work!!! Please continue to pray for all of us to stay healthy, and that all flights are on schedule!! Praise God! What a great Easter! April 16th is also my father-inlaws Birthday! Pretty Special!!