Friday, April 17, 2009

Gotcha Day Moment on Video

Oh my goodness, where do I start! Our hearts were racing with anticipation of finally meeting our little girl for the first time. Over two years of waiting for God to bring us the baby he designed to be in our family has finally arrived! Walking into the airport we all realized this is going to happen TODAY!! YIPPY!! The photo of our little girl we have stared at since January is going to be in our arms in just minutes. What is all so amazing to me is how God really answered all of our prayers we prayed for over a two year period. Here are some of the things that were prayed about and answered in a big way....and many blessings along the way.

We prayed that God would place our baby in a great foster home. God answered....She was in the best foster home ever! This foster family deeply loved and cared for her as they have their own child. They sent thousands of photos of Grace from the time she was just one month old. The oldest daughter made Grace a photo album full of memories with their family. They also included a video DVD. This was so amazing to see how they played with her, and to see such love that they have for her. Foster mommy even sent a beautiful gift for me. All of these things just made us cry many many happy tears. We are forever grateful to the Foster Family for the great start that they gave our little Grace Gyeong-eun. This is why she is such a happy baby! We hope that one day we will get to meet them all.

Prayed that she would be healthy...God answered..she is absolulty adorable , loving , happy, and perfect for our family!

Prayed that she would bond to us quickly after we meet, that He would give her dreams of us in our sleep, that when our eyes meet for the first time..that she would have a peace that can only come from HIM and know that she is finally Home with her Forever Family that loves her! God answered.......When our eyes met for the first time, she greeted us with a smile! She did not cry at all like we had thought she would. She is very much bonded to mommy first. In fact at the moment mommy can not be out of her sight at all, mommy had to brush her teeth with Grace in her arms...definetly a special bond right from the start! Thank you Lord!


Erin said...

Praise the Lord!!! I have loved looking at all of the pictures and hearing about Gracie's arrival!! Congratulations again on your beautiful baby girl!!! :)

Rhea Anne said...

As I sit her crying like a baby, I am overjoyed for you all. What a sweet moment to see you get your baby girl for the first time. I pray those same prayers and can't wait to see our God answer those as well. Your journey gives me hope to keep the faith and he will provide. Many Blessings and Gracie is the most precious thing ever, Rhea Anne

Stacey said...

I cried!!!! that's all I can say!
I am going to come try to take a sneak peek this afternoon!
Love you guys!

Rachelle said...

I loved watching this Gotcha moment! So wonderful!!!! Congratulations! She is beautiful!

Krista said...

What an amazing moment... thank you so much for sharing it with those of us that couldn't be there with you on the day we have all prayed so much about! Many many happy tears for the family that deserves this so much!

KCurtis said...

Grace Is So Adorable!!!!! You Have Been Waiting So Long to get her.. Are you going to bring her to dance on wednesday... When I Saw that video it made me cry!! How old is she can she talk our walk please email me back at
I LOVE YOU MISS TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charla said...

this brought tears to my eyes! thank you so much for sharing.
we are in the process of adopting a baby girl from korea...we got our referral a few weeks ago:)
your little girl is beautiful. congratulations!!

Lauren Paynter said...

Grace is a beautiful girl. How wonderful that she came to you so easily. May god bless your family.