Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feeling True Peace!!

Lately I think I have been trying so hard to just set the date myself as to when our daughter will finally come home that it has consumed me somewhat. Doing this does not get me anywhere. I can't even tell you how many times I have talked with God today. I think all day off and on. I am happy to tell you that tonight as I go to bed, I finally have that inner peaceful feeling that you can only get from God. Grace may not be home for her first Easter with us. But like B said tonight, she will have many many Easters with us after she is home. I am at peace with it all, and I know that God must want me to learn more of something before He will bring her home. So until then I am going to rest in Him and totally Trust Him . AFter all He is GOd....Im pretty sure He knows what He is doing. He hears my heart and He knows the time and day she will arrive. We had a great night with B, spending time with him, learning more and more about him and his family, and about Korea has been such a special time. We love him as a part of our family. I only wish we would have met sooner. He will go back home to Korea in May. Let me tell you, that will be a very sad day for me and my whole family. We have all gotten very close to him. But for now we just have to focus on making our time special and enjoying each time that we are together. Someday we will see him again...maybe in Korea next time. It is amazing how God brought us together. Out of 9 exchange students from Korea God placed B in our family. What a perfect match. He is a great guy, and very strong Christian. We all can pray together, and really feel like family. What a special blessing.

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Rachelle said...

His peace is amazing! I have set at His feet and felt it many times on our China journey.

Can't wait for all our little ones to be home...