Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gracie had her first trip to our dance studio. She loved seeing all the kids dancing. You cant see them in this photo, but this class is practicing their dance for recital that is coming up this coming weekend. So many many things to get checked off our list, Im not sure how terry and I do this year after year. This is our 9th year. But like every year it will come together! It is always an exhausting week for my entire family. I don't think many people really realize all the hard work. To top it off, I had to take my two girls into the doctor today. Amanda has a really bad sinus infection, and Grace had her first WBC, turned out they did blood work and a urine sample with using a cathider. UGH!!! Im not sure why the need to run tests. I thought I was just in for a simple weight and height kind of thing. But our pediatrician said they run these tests with all adopted children. Well I have never been worried about anything....but did what she wanted. I had to leave the room...only to break my heart. I felt like she would think I was leaving her. AFter only one week of being home, that is the last thing I ever want her to worry about. I could hear her cry and it about tore my insides out to hear it. After they were done I went in and "rescued" her from the mean old nurses :-). My poor little baby. They called later this afternoon, and tests all came back great. Duh!! I could have told them that. We went from the dr office to the Theater for my student practices, and I carried her in the little carrier around the front of me , she slept for 2.5 hours like that. She was just happy to be in mommies arms!! Last night she slept the entire night through from 10pm-4am. We acually slept. She has a horrible cold now, and the dr. put her on meds, so hopefully very soon my two little girls will feel much better!! This weekend we will have lots of family out that come and see the shows. Pray for our family during this busy time and that we are all healthy and have a fun weekend. I will miss the kids from the studio this summer as we take a summer break, but Im really looking forward to playing with my kids all summer long!

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Stacey said...

Wonderful all the tests came back good and we pray she fights off her cold and is completely better in no time and same for Amanda! You all get feeling better!
See you Wed night! :)