Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just some pics..and babble

 Spring is finally in the air, but still we have days where it is cold...Grace is loving to play candy land, and somehow she always wins!! Mommy happens to love this game too :-)
Hope you are all having a great wednesday!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sisters Forever!

These two are so darn adorable!!

St. Patty's Day

Just total cuteness here !!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Compliments from preschool

Yesterday when I picked up Grace from Preschool her teacher pulled me aside..She says this often to me, but it seemed different this time. She says Tina, I seriously want to compliment you and Terry on Gracie..She is such a sweet, polite, loving and kind little girl. Her manners are amazing. I said well she makes it easy. She said no, this doesn't just happen in kids...I want to compliment you both, you are amazing parents and do such a great job!!  It was a wow moment for me because sometimes life gets so busy, and as a parent I sometimes wonder am i doing enough!!  So.. It is nice when someone takes a moment to tell you things like this about our kids. It truly made my day!! We are blessed to have our sweet girl! Im so happy she brings joy to so many people!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Trip HOME...

Hard to believe time can go so very fast. Terry's Brother Merlin & his family had not even met our Gracie yet and she is almost 5 years old. No excuses other than no one could just sit down and schedule a time we could all meet up. So finally we all met at Terry's parents home. Not in this photo was Bailey who already had plans to go on a big ski trip with some friends of ours. It was great to see everyone and catch up and hang out. It was nice to see Amanda and cousin Ashley connect! Family is precious to me.!

 terry catching up with a great friend since High school Brian...Im so glad they got to spend some time together. Men need their friendships and I know for Terry he certainly works all the time and not alot of friend time happens ever for him so I know how special it was to him to see Brian!
 Uncle Merlin and Gracie. I have never ever seen Grace bond with a family member like she did with Merlin. He honestly would not leave his side. It was so cute. Where ever he was she was sitting on his lap or playing with him. So precious to see the bond!! Merlin you ROCK!!
 These two are always entertaining !! 

I love special dinners at my In laws....always so special to me to have us all sit at the same table. Family's don't do that often enough!!
 Nothing better than sliding down the stairs right??
 Amanda and Ashley dancing their little tails off..and the gang playing cards all night long..

student of the month

Amanda ...Far Right side..Got student of the month for her 8th Grade class!! So proud!

Eun on the farm!

Last week for Preschool the teacher took all the kids to her farm..It was not a very warm day at all for this, infact pretty cold outside. But the kids all had fun anyway!
 Baby lambs were cute and a little scared of the kids!!
She always has a smile!! My happy happy kiddo!!