Saturday, November 17, 2012

Amanda's B-Day Party/FriendsParty..

Amanda's birthday is coming up on November 20th...But this weekend she wanted her friends party. So Friday night one by one my house filled up with 13 other teenage girls for the night. It was a sooper party. Amanda told us today that is was her best bday party EVER!! ~ always nice to hear when you are a parent right. Happy Early B-Day Angel Face!! 
Anyway here are a few pics from her party!!

 She loves Harry from One Direction!!
How many times can you do a bon fire and roast marshmellows in November!! We were so lucky to have such great weather..

 I had a challenge with the cakes..Yes cakes. Did two other round ones with great intensions and they stuck to pans..What can I say...I am not the Cake Boss here!! LOL.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrating the big one...

This weekend I celebrated my 29th birthday ...again!! LOL, yep , it was the big one this year and to be honest with you the hardest one of all. Most the day I was down in the dumps...don't ask me why, I guess just something about that certain number. A feeling like oh my gosh I think I am old. I remember my mom turning this age and having a special party for her. I thought then how old it was, and now I am that age. Ok yes I would rather be this age than the alternative. But I am just saying I was not ready to leap into it quite yet. Oh well right..Live it to the fullest and treasure every moment! I am grateful for so many things I know that. Most of all for the people that really love me! 
thanks family and friends for making my day a good one!!

 Good thing they remembered my age for the cake....29!! LOL!!
 New sweatshirt!

Monday, November 5, 2012

We are blessed by Adoption

Our family has been so blessed by the gift of adoption...Gracie is the light in every day. What a joy and blessing for us all. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

my Beautiful little butterfly!!! Gracie could not wait to trick and treat around our neighborhood. She was totally counting down the days for the past week..finally it go here! Too much candy, but alot of fun..I hope you all had a great night too!!

 Bailey is too big to dress up I guess, but not too big to eat a whole box of pizza left over from our Middle School Pizza party!! My growing 6foot 2 Teenager!! lol
 Gracie with her buddy Tenley!! Two cute little sweeties
 Terry greeted all the middle schoolers with this disgusting mask..totally grossed us all out!!
 Amanda with her Middle school friends..and sporting one of my very old dance costumes from when I was her our first boy/girl gathering at the house. ...yes a big deal for this mama!!
 Gracie proud packing her snacks for her preschool class!!