Saturday, November 17, 2012

Amanda's B-Day Party/FriendsParty..

Amanda's birthday is coming up on November 20th...But this weekend she wanted her friends party. So Friday night one by one my house filled up with 13 other teenage girls for the night. It was a sooper party. Amanda told us today that is was her best bday party EVER!! ~ always nice to hear when you are a parent right. Happy Early B-Day Angel Face!! 
Anyway here are a few pics from her party!!

 She loves Harry from One Direction!!
How many times can you do a bon fire and roast marshmellows in November!! We were so lucky to have such great weather..

 I had a challenge with the cakes..Yes cakes. Did two other round ones with great intensions and they stuck to pans..What can I say...I am not the Cake Boss here!! LOL.

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