Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Preschool Graduation

I can not express enough how amazing the past 2 years have been for our little Gracie. We were so blessed with such a fantastic teacher who instilled such a passion for reading into her. Grace is reading, writing on her own, and doing such amazing things. Her teacher has been a huge blessing and we are forever grateful for her. A teacher influences a child's attitude for learning and I am thrilled that Grace absolutly loves school, and loves her teacher and I know the feeling is mutual! Today was hard to say goodbye for both of them!! brought tears to my eyes. If we could have her teach her forever we would!! But now next year On to Kindergarten, and this mommy is not ready for that! 

 We are so proud of you Gracie!! Such a sweet, smart, loving little girl you are!!
Thank you for a Great 2 years Mrs Crim!!

Back to Blogging

Blogging was always one of my all time favorite things to do. It has been a long little "LUL" I admit in my little blogging world this past year. But I think I am ready to start writing again. Thank you all for checking in with me now and then and seeing how we are doing. It means alot to hear from you and know you are out there!

So much going on in our house right now just with the kids schedules. Track Season for Amanda just ended, Softball begins. Gracie just had her last day of Preschool and now will be moving into Kindergarten next year. Bailey just finishing up his finals of his Junior year. Can't believe he will be a Senior next year. It seems that this year is a really emotional year for me. Alot of big jumps coming up next fall with my kids. Makes me wonder where the time has gone. Some times I feel guilty too. Like have I don't enough, been enough, feeling like I wish I could go back and make more time for some of the things I feel I should have made more time for. Time just seems to go so fast. We all get so engulfed into our busy schedules, maybe even overwhelmed sometimes. Boy we need to learn to slow down and smell the roses in life. If I look around me, I have so much to be so Thankful for !

Summer begins today, although the weather here still gives us more cold. Maybe just maybe I can dedicate more time to some of the little things I love...
Tina Lynn