Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day...Not forgetting those who gave it all for our Freedom!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Dresses For Orphans" Ethiopia bound.....

many many months ago if you have been following you will remember how my heart was and still is being stirred up in so many ways for the orphans of the world. I was tired of sitting here and felt I needed to start do something. So I began to collect dresses for the little girls of Ethiopia. I did not know then where they were going, but I knew God would take care of the details. Turned out that a organization I was hoping to get involved in contacted me to see if i would become a part of there pray/action team for Look Developement. Of course i was excited and said yes. So I knew without a doubt that these dresses would go to this orphanage in Ethiopia. So last night we sorted and folded and packed up all the beautiful dresses that were donated. As I folded and held each dress I could just imagine these little girls in Africa wearing them, and feeling like a little princess. I also feel that this is something so small and was really pretty easy to do, but in the heart of a child I know it will be a special day when she gets to wear something nice, new and beautiful. After all no matter what age you are, when you put on a new dress you feel so special right?  I have been emotional about it really, and I can not wait to see those sweet little faces wearing them and enjoying them. I only wish I could be there too. But our sweet Friends Amanda and Matt (founders of LD) will be going on June 19th to bring home not one but two of there babies home from Ethiopia. :-) They are the perfect ones to hand them out.  I always felt like God told me to strive for 200 dresses. People would ask me why 200? and I would say well I just feel that is what God wants!  So now there are over 200 dresses donated. Today I found out that there are nearly 400 in this village/orphanage around half are girls and this means that every girl will recieve a new dress!!! How awesome is this!!  Thank you to the many of you through my dance studio, kids school, and church family that donated to these beautiful girls! May God bless you in return. Thank you Amanda for inspiring me, you are an amazing woman of God, and your passion is contagious! If everyone did something small and special, it all adds up for these children! What will you do to help make a difference?

you all donated so many sweet and perfect dresses! and so many in each size starting at 6 months all the way up to young lady sizes! :-)

My living room full of dresses!

Grace kept saying "Appica baby's dress"...Her big sissy thinks they need a sweet little sister from Ethiopia :-)

To be continued....more pics will be coming in heart is dancing!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ever Heard of an Empty Nest Party?

My Grandmother (my mom's mom) and my Mother...A grandma's guidance is treasured forever!
Well leave it to my mom to have an empty next party....After 38 years of child rearing, This was the highlight for my mom this year...and a day she has been waiting for. My mother had me at a very young age, as hard as it was for her at that age and also with many choices in front of her, she decided to choose life for me, and also to raise me on her own. She was pregnant and married at the age of 16. This marriage did not work out and by the time I was 4 she was divorce from this man that was my bioligical father. When I was about 5 1/2 she re-married an amazing man. This man became my father, and the best one at that! My biological father gave up his rights to me. My new father loved me with his whole heart as if I were his very own child and he also adopted me!!  I am so thankful for him in my life! They had a happy life, had two more kids and wonderful marriage for almost 20 years until suddenly my dad passed away from a sudden heart attack. This was the most horrible time for my whole family. Only by the strength of God did we all make it through this difficult time. Several years later she remarried her new husband Mark and he had two kids from a previous marriage. My mom having all her kids out of the house, was in a way starting over again....(bless her heart)... the youngest child in the home now would be only 8 years old. ... Now that child awesome step sister Paige just graduated from Highschool. The house is now empty. Hence 38 years of child rearing for my mother. So we all went home to celebrate Paiges graduation and my moms empty nest party. I think she deserved it after all these years! Happy Empty nest Mom..YOu are the best mom in the world and we appreciate all you do for all your kids and grandkids!! The world awaits you now..what will you do?
Here is a photo of me and my mommy!! Thank you mom for all the great choices you made, thank you first for choosing life for me even though you knew it would be hard, and thank you for being my best friend!

Mom and I, then and now!!  Aren't we cute!

My Sister Mandi, Bro Jason, and Me..

Below are my 3 kids and my brothers kids...they all adore eachother!

My Grandpa (mom's dad) who is amazing and I love him soooo much!!

My Crazy Brother in Law, and My sis....They are next to have kids...(someday )
Lots of family and friends stopped by the and mark had everything catered and the food was amazing!

Paige the newest Graduate!! Congratulations Paige!!

My sis chasing Gracie around!!

this was a huge photo collage that My mom's Husband Mark put together. He went to so much work doing this.. scanning in photos etc.. and having this made for my mom.  We had a blast looking at it and also watching the DVD slideshow all night long of all the child hood memories. Makes you feel like time goes so fast! I think this was the most precious gift Mark has ever given mom.

and so now you know what an empty nest party is.... :-)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Last School Program..Summer Starts Now...

This was the last horrah for the year and school is out for the summer. The kids are so excited to be done. So now where is the suns shine?  The older they get the more they don't like to do programs like this..hence all the faces not looking so thrilled. But it was good anyway. Our kids attend a private school and have since the 1st and 2nd grade. I love to see them growing spiritually. Each year we will pray about if in fact we can committ to it again for another year. As most of you know private school is quite costly. It would be aweseome to see them both graduate as 8th graders here. Bailey will be in the 8th next year. I guess we will see what God provides and where our hearts will be led to.
Gracie was busy finding friends to play with during the program. She is always on the go, I think I burn calories just trying to keep up with her! :-) This was the ONE time she was sitting for a couple seconds.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blog Frog..Sign up today..

I just installed the Flog Frog on the side of my blog. I would love to know who you are...sign up today for my blog Frog so I know when you have hopped onto my blog! I just started this, and it seems wonderfully fun to get connected with great people!  You will see it on my side bar, just click there.
Thanks so much and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Spring in the Park...Wordless Wednesday on Wed :-)

total love!!!

"Rocks mama"

After I thought yesterday was Wednesday..I figured I better get some photos up for the real Wednesday. HOpefully I can stay on track now and at least know what day it is. Can you tell Gracie loves loves to swing?  She giggles the entire is so funny!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...on Tuesday?

wordless wednesday.....on tuesday!! Ok, So I realized as I was talking to my friend today I told her I was posting my wordless wednesday photo...she informed me that today was Tuesday. Well what can I say..Im not working and I really don't even know what day it is today. No deadlines, just enjoying being home ....Maybe i will have another one to post on the acual wednesday ok..:-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fundraiser for friends..

below, my friend Kelly, Kris (who opened her beautiful home), and me...
Saturday was the fundraiser for the Gill family adopting from Ethiopia. Gary and Kris opened their home for a wine and beer tasting night. They charged $20 a person, so Im sure this brought in some good extra cash. We rolled in around the tail end of things, but it seemed that all evening there were a ton of people that came to show their support to the Gills. I wish I would have gotten more pics, but we were busy visiting with all the great people. I know many people are always looking for ideas for'll have to remember this one..

Above, my friend Stacey who just had her beautiful baby not too many weeks ago, and mY friend Dawn..(sporting the Gills Adoption tshirts)

Mariah, and Me...(she is the one adopting from Ethiopia)
We all have name tags on I guess in case someone did not know you..:-) lol
in the middle this is Gary, The other half of Kris (our friends who opened up their beautiful home). They are the most kind people I think I know.~!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ethiopia Adoption Shout out....

(picture of t-shirt fundraiser)

This week I was so excited..of course I always get excited when I see another family choose adoption and it's to exciting to see the referral come in. Our Friends Mariah and Brian are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia. They just got there referral this week, he is only 6 months old now and soooo precious and sweet!  Their referral came in three months which is pretty quick, but now the hard wait begins, but I have a feeling it will go fast as well. This program seems to be pretty quick. They will also be one of the first families that will be following the new travel requirements for Ethiopia which is that both parents have to travel two times. One time for court which will come in about 3 months and they will travel a second time again 1-3 months after that to go and get him. This family has been aweseome about fundraising ideas...Please check out there awesome tshirts that were made to help with funding. They are so incredible!  Just click here T-Shirts Here they are $20 and you know it is going to a great cause to help bring this little boy home to his forever family! Tonight there is also a fundraising event that we all hope will bring in some extra for this family as well. Please keep them in your prayers and their precious baby too. Yeah one more home to a forever Family!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Mama, see your flower"

My sweetest baby in the whole world..bringing mama flowers :-) So Sweet!!!

Thank you Lord for this precious little girl in our lives. She is so amazing! We are so grateful we said yes to the calling you gave us in our heart to adopt! I am so excited to celebrate being a mommy this weekend with my family! They are all so precious to me. Being a mom is the best gift on the earth!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Going Private....Want to Follow me???

I realized before making my blog private I need to keep this message up for a while in order to get you all this post...Along the past couple of years I have enjoyed getting to know all my blogger buddies and many of you have now become such close friends, I have appreciated your support and prayers. After also seeing some of my blogger buddies go private with their blogs, I have also been thinking about it for a while. For now I am choosing also to have my family blog go private. I want to be able to share my life and feelings freely.  If you are a dedicated follower, I would love to have you continue on our journey in life with me. Your support means alot.  Just leave me a comment that includes your email address, or email it to me at  .....  all comments that include your emails will not be posted public!! Thank you all so much for everything! God bless!

Mothers Day...Will be celebrated next weekend

Happy Mothers day to all my great friends and blogger friends. I hope you all had a very blessed day. You are all so special to me and very much inspire me as a mother as well! Your friendships mean the world to me. Our family will have to celebrate mothers day next weekend. Unfortunatly on Mothers day three out of 5 of us got sick with the flu. It has been a slow recovery and some of us are still not feeling well.  And now I am just praying the other two are ok. We had wonderful plans to go to the cabin along with my grandmother, my mother and other family. IT is a big bummer we missed out. BUt ...We plan on celebrating next weekend after we are all well again! Thanks for the great mothers day messages I recieved via email, I appreciate them all and I am enjoying seeing what all you wonderful ladies did to celebrate your special day! God Bless!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Memorable weekend...

It was so great to see so many of our friends and family support our 10 year celebration this weekend. Now I am ready for a new season in life....summer vacation here we come.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Night under our belt..

The show went so great tonight!! I am so proud of all our dancers, I can not believe 10 years now and one show under our belt..One more tomarrow and I will be on my well deserved mini summer vacation!!
Even thought I am busy, It is important to me to take time to fix Amanda's hair and her friends if they need help. It is fun girly time with them.

Her friend Mariaha has really long hair...I should have shown after pics..ok tomarrow I will do it all again.!!
These are from pics of our week long rehearsals..but give you an idea of what the back drop turned out like...many hours of work that my husband went to for all of this...Thanks hunny!!
amanda in the middle tshirt!!
below my teacher Emily..she is amazing and i am blessed to have her in my life. She taught adv ballet and pointe this year. Great Job Emily!! luv ya sister and I before the show began..She was my second hand man!! Lov yu sis!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...(maybe a few words)

she kept laughing and putting her hands by her mouth because that is what i did one time and said "ewhhhh funny". So then she kept doing it too. She totally immitates everything we ever do it is so funny.