Monday, May 24, 2010

Ever Heard of an Empty Nest Party?

My Grandmother (my mom's mom) and my Mother...A grandma's guidance is treasured forever!
Well leave it to my mom to have an empty next party....After 38 years of child rearing, This was the highlight for my mom this year...and a day she has been waiting for. My mother had me at a very young age, as hard as it was for her at that age and also with many choices in front of her, she decided to choose life for me, and also to raise me on her own. She was pregnant and married at the age of 16. This marriage did not work out and by the time I was 4 she was divorce from this man that was my bioligical father. When I was about 5 1/2 she re-married an amazing man. This man became my father, and the best one at that! My biological father gave up his rights to me. My new father loved me with his whole heart as if I were his very own child and he also adopted me!!  I am so thankful for him in my life! They had a happy life, had two more kids and wonderful marriage for almost 20 years until suddenly my dad passed away from a sudden heart attack. This was the most horrible time for my whole family. Only by the strength of God did we all make it through this difficult time. Several years later she remarried her new husband Mark and he had two kids from a previous marriage. My mom having all her kids out of the house, was in a way starting over again....(bless her heart)... the youngest child in the home now would be only 8 years old. ... Now that child awesome step sister Paige just graduated from Highschool. The house is now empty. Hence 38 years of child rearing for my mother. So we all went home to celebrate Paiges graduation and my moms empty nest party. I think she deserved it after all these years! Happy Empty nest Mom..YOu are the best mom in the world and we appreciate all you do for all your kids and grandkids!! The world awaits you now..what will you do?
Here is a photo of me and my mommy!! Thank you mom for all the great choices you made, thank you first for choosing life for me even though you knew it would be hard, and thank you for being my best friend!

Mom and I, then and now!!  Aren't we cute!

My Sister Mandi, Bro Jason, and Me..

Below are my 3 kids and my brothers kids...they all adore eachother!

My Grandpa (mom's dad) who is amazing and I love him soooo much!!

My Crazy Brother in Law, and My sis....They are next to have kids...(someday )
Lots of family and friends stopped by the and mark had everything catered and the food was amazing!

Paige the newest Graduate!! Congratulations Paige!!

My sis chasing Gracie around!!

this was a huge photo collage that My mom's Husband Mark put together. He went to so much work doing this.. scanning in photos etc.. and having this made for my mom.  We had a blast looking at it and also watching the DVD slideshow all night long of all the child hood memories. Makes you feel like time goes so fast! I think this was the most precious gift Mark has ever given mom.

and so now you know what an empty nest party is.... :-)

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