Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Dresses For Orphans" Ethiopia bound.....

many many months ago if you have been following you will remember how my heart was and still is being stirred up in so many ways for the orphans of the world. I was tired of sitting here and felt I needed to start do something. So I began to collect dresses for the little girls of Ethiopia. I did not know then where they were going, but I knew God would take care of the details. Turned out that a organization I was hoping to get involved in contacted me to see if i would become a part of there pray/action team for Look Developement. Of course i was excited and said yes. So I knew without a doubt that these dresses would go to this orphanage in Ethiopia. So last night we sorted and folded and packed up all the beautiful dresses that were donated. As I folded and held each dress I could just imagine these little girls in Africa wearing them, and feeling like a little princess. I also feel that this is something so small and was really pretty easy to do, but in the heart of a child I know it will be a special day when she gets to wear something nice, new and beautiful. After all no matter what age you are, when you put on a new dress you feel so special right?  I have been emotional about it really, and I can not wait to see those sweet little faces wearing them and enjoying them. I only wish I could be there too. But our sweet Friends Amanda and Matt (founders of LD) will be going on June 19th to bring home not one but two of there babies home from Ethiopia. :-) They are the perfect ones to hand them out.  I always felt like God told me to strive for 200 dresses. People would ask me why 200? and I would say well I just feel that is what God wants!  So now there are over 200 dresses donated. Today I found out that there are nearly 400 in this village/orphanage around half are girls and this means that every girl will recieve a new dress!!! How awesome is this!!  Thank you to the many of you through my dance studio, kids school, and church family that donated to these beautiful girls! May God bless you in return. Thank you Amanda for inspiring me, you are an amazing woman of God, and your passion is contagious! If everyone did something small and special, it all adds up for these children! What will you do to help make a difference?

you all donated so many sweet and perfect dresses! and so many in each size starting at 6 months all the way up to young lady sizes! :-)

My living room full of dresses!

Grace kept saying "Appica baby's dress"...Her big sissy thinks they need a sweet little sister from Ethiopia :-)

To be continued....more pics will be coming in heart is dancing!!

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