Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Update on Amanda

Many family has wondered how Amanda has been doing. She is currently off of the steroid they had put her on along with a few other things that she is done with now. For now she is only on the Crohn's medication 6MP.  This past week she has had some pain in the esophagus area again which she has not had for a while now. We try to adjust her diet and just trying to figure out what may cause it to act up.  She continues to get blood work done every 2 weeks to check her inflammatory markers and to make sure her liver is processing the medication correctly.  Her life has changed in the fact that she just can not go out and eat whatever every other teenager is eating, she is tired more often and needs to listen to her body and rest when she feels that way. Her immune system is very low right now from the steroid. It wiped out the good bacteria and the bad out of her body so now the body has to rebuild.  Food and nutrients are very important for her overall health and strength. This could be a challenge since school just started and many kids get sick and will be around her.  But all in all, she makes the best of each day and it has not really stopped her from doing all the things she loves to do. She has an amazing heart! We continue to pray for remission and for God to bring the right people into our lives that may be of some help and or support!

she loves to be my little model and help me practice my fun with photography!!

IF any one reading this blog struggles with autoimmune this is a great book and a must have!!!

Summer here and gone

It is so hard to believe summer is coming to a close. This summer has been different in many ways for sure. So many different doctor appointments with many of us going through different things. I think between us all we have covered all the pretty major testings that are done. From MRI's to Eco cardiograms to Colonoscopys and a couple different surgery's. We have had cars break down and water heaters bust out about all in the same 3 week time frame. Despite all that somehow we still managed to get in some fun or relaxation where we could. Times can be hard and tough,  but you have to keep standing tall and fight through it!! 

Girl Cousin Fun!! From 15 to 2!!

 I love this picture of the kids Great Grandma Hope!! She is a precious sweet Grandma. So caring and never ever forgets to send cards on our birthdays. I wish we lived closer to her to see her every single day!! Love you so much Grandma!!
 Our kids and my brothers two little munchkins!! 

 Got in several camp fires and gazing at the stars!! My favorite way to relax, besides the beach!!
 Probably one of Gracies favorite things to do was get to the water park!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Little Eun Turns 6

I can not comprehend how much time seems to go by so fast. My sweet little Gracie turned 6 on August 4th. Her bright smile, sweet giggles that go on for hours and her little sassy but sweet personality make every thing so complete!! If you know her well, you know with out a doubt that Frozen is her all time favorite movie. She knows it word by word and acts it out in costume every single time she watches it, and trust me she watches it ALOT!! :-)  Happy Birthday My sweet Eun!! We Love you with all our hearts!!

Since we had the party Sunday so more people could make it, On Monday we went on a picnic to the park! My little sweetie is growing up way too fast. Kindergarten is right around the corner