Monday, March 30, 2009

Visa Issued!

Today we called DC. It is official Grace has been granted her official Visa. She is now Free to come home to her Forever Family who is so ready to meet her. Please pray that all stay healthy, that escorts are available, that holt will get flights set this week, that flights run smoothly with none cancelled, that weather is nice, that our travel on the road will also be safe, and most of all pray for the hearts of the Foster Family. I know they love our daughter with their whole heart and it will be extremly difficult to say goodbye to her, just as it will be hard for Grace, and she will miss them terribly. Pray that Grace will adjust smoothly! Pray that God's peace and comfort is around us all! We will keep you informed and hopefully soon will have that travel call.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun Concert and New Friends!

Tonight we saw Lincoln Brewster live! His concert was amazing and his message was inspirational to hear! "The everlasting God"!! This was a fund raiser for the Christian School that both our children attend. Below is Amanda getting Lincoln's autograph! Oh so cool!!
Terry was a proud Security guy....see Lincoln signing in the background! Terry's smile is worth a million dollars!!

Here is our new wonderful friend "B". Our family has been looking forward to meeting him in person, and so tonight we invited him to the concert and we met for the first time. It is amazing how God works and how he brings people into our lives, and makes our paths cross. He is such a wonderful and nice guy, we look forward to spending time with him and getting to know him more. Bailey and Amanda can't wait to have him over to our house. We will make plans this week and treat him to dinner. We are really looking forward to our new life long friendship with him, and learning more about the country of our daughters birth place. In the future when we visit South Korea, we know we will call "B" and he will be a great host and show us all the beautiful sites to see!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Shower!

My daughter and I were so excited to wake up this morning and go to the baby shower that my friend Vicki and Laura put on for baby Gracie. What a great time to have one, since she may be home in less than one week now. We were blessed by many special moments at the party. I especially like the song that was sung to us by Ericka, and Ashley. That about set me to tears right away. I was so touched by all the special little details that made this party extra special. It also makes me think that as girlfriends we need to take more time out just to get together, sip tea and really visit with eachother. Thank you all so much for blessing us with such a special day and such special gifts for baby Grace. We love you all, and we can not wait for Grace to meet each one of you very soon! Look at the photo above...This was a 3 tier diaper cake that Laura made. Is that soooo cute or what? Below are friends who came to the party this morning. I think 4 of you left early, and a few could not make it....bumber you missed the photo opp.

Thank you Vicki (she is in front in Pink, and Laura (second row in peach/brown) for planning such a special day. This is one day I will always remember!!! You are the best!!

This is my Friend Vicki's little daughter Alyssa. She is from China and can not wait for "baby Korea" to come home and be able to play with her. Here she is singing a song for me. She even wore her little China dress for the party!! How cute!

Amanda and her friends Ashley (Laura's Daughter) and Jenna (Lisa's Daughter). Very fun Girly day!!

This pic is my lovely daughter Amanda, Me, My Mom, and My sister Mandi!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night I knew I just needed a moment to myself...and a moment to just let my tears flow out. So I slipped away quietly into Gracies room, I sat on her floor and held her picture in my lap. My tears rolled down onto her photo. I needed time ...a time to just spend with God...a time to just have silence and pray!! Being a mom, I knew I would not be able to be away long before soemone would notice! After a little bit .... Amanda found me, and said "oh mommy what are you doing"? Then she sat with my quietly and we hugged. It was ok for her to see my cry! Soon after here came Bailey .....Then a little later Terry found us all sitting on her floor! Next thing you know we are all on her bedroom floor. I asked my family to lay hands on Gracies picture and pray for her as a family. So we did. It was an awesome time of prayer. We asked God to please bring us good news Friday! We prayed He would move mountains to bring her home.

When Terry came home for lunch today...He called DC. Great news!! Gracies Visa Interview Is Scheduled for March 30th, Monday at 1:00pm. !!!! Korea is one day ahead of us. So we will be praying for this to go smoothly. Sunday our time is MOnday there time. Please join us in prayer.

This means that typically after the VI they will call us within 24-48 hours for travel!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! We are so Grateful!!! God does move mountains!! We just have to ask! When we get the travel call we will let you all know!!

On Thur morning I recieved a sweet email from my great friend Vicki. It really meant alot to me and was a great reminder. "Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths” Proverbs 3:5

It means so much to know so many people are praying for us! Thank you!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

No news Yet!

Today I called DC and still our P3. is still at Holt Korea (our agency).

The steps that needs to happen are....

1 Holt Korea Agency will send P3 packet back to US Embassy in Korea. (usually this is a one week turnaround...for some reason ours is taking longer). There should be no hold up as we have everything done. Her EP is also done. humm, I am confused.

2 ONce P3 arrives at Embassy, Then our VI can be scheduled (Visa Interview)

3 On the day of the VI, they will issue her a permanant Visa to leave come to the US

Then we will get the travel call! This will be a glorious day. No one will be able to pull me down from the clouds!!

Terry seems to think we will get a travel call by next friday. I on the other hand am not so positive. Maybe it is because I don't want to be let down. After all the VI has not even been scheduled yet. Yes I know God can move mountains! I am however very thankful at how much detail Holt puts into the protection of their children while under foster care. It truely is impressive! All the monthly doctor visits they have, and the information we have about Grace is something to treasure. The fact of knowing our little girl is in such great care right now, is so comforting. Although at the same time....we are so ready to be her parents! Please pray that Friday we hear good news..that the packet is sent to the embassy. My friends are holding a baby shower for us on Saturday. IT would be great to have good news to share!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 3 Snow bound!

My little sweetie pie!
Climbing all the snow hills and drifts and making snow tunnels are right up my boys alley!

I think he would have dug one through the whole town if he could have!
This was day 3 of being snow bound! No school , and no work!! Even though we start to get cabin fever I wouldn't trade it for the world. It has been great time with the kids and with my hubby. So much fun for them to really play outside. After the wind stopped it really was quite comfortable being outside. Lots of tunnel digging going on. It will still take a while for the plows to clear out snow. I hope this is our last snow for the season, we are ready for tulips! This weekend is the baby shower my friends are doing for us. I am so excited and can't wait to spend some time with all of them. I sure wish Grace was here. But she will be very very soon I can feel it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waiting is never easy!

Today has been a day of mixed emotions and frustration! Maybe it is being stuck inside with no way out of our drive way from the blizzard. Maybe IM just being too sesitive. Maybe Im just a mother who is longing to hold her little baby!! I called our agency today because I "heard" hear-say that it will take longer when you have your babies escorted here. THis definetly gave us some concern. Our agency said they have that planned way in advance, and it does not take longer. I told them if it does take longer we will make it work to fly there. They assured me it does not. No one really understands unless you are going through this same thing really how difficult this wait really is especially after you have your child's photo. From day one when your paper work goes into your agency to adopt your heart is longing to meet and be with your child. You pray for Him/Her every single day even though you don't know who your child is! ONce your child's photo is in front of you are totally completly in love...and each day that you have to wait to hold, and nurture your child seems like a complete eternity. I hope this puts light on this subject and that people can be very gentle with this, that they will know and try to understand that this part of the process is a very difficult one indeed! Prayer and support is what we need!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring? Winter?....Blizzard!!

Once upon a time we enjoyed a wonderul 78 degree day!
Hanging our Easter eggs on the Tree!
24 hours later....we are in a blizzard! What? Poor Tree!

Where are the boys? Who's having more fun here? Dad, or Bailey?

This weekend was beautiful spring weather. Almost 80 degrees out side. We enjoyed putting eggs on the outside tree. A tradition we picked up this year from one of my blog buddies. Thanks Kristi! My daughter even got a little sunburn on her shoulders. Just as we were enjoying the fun in the sun.... the next morning we woke to Thunder, Lightning, Hail and Yes a BLIZZARD! They called school off Monday and Tuesday, and now we can not get out anywhere! Just amazing weather!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Bottle Fundraiser Kick off!!

Our "Baby Bottle Fundraiser" Kick off!! We have been thinking for a while about doing some kind of fundraiser to help offset some of the costs for our international adoption to bring Gracie home. We decided to go for it today with a "baby bottle fundraiser". We got a cute bucket from a local store, and I decorated it all cute with ribbon, stickers and bows. We printed out small pictures of Grace and put them on the bottles with a little curley ribbon.

Those that want to help out will put their pocket change in the bottle, when the bottle is full get it back to us to turn in for cash to go towards our adoption expenses. "Pocket change" may seem like something little...but with many participants it all will add up!! We pray God moves mountains and that this will be a huge success! We will start this week!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Mothers Love is Forever!

(above) My Sweet Amanda and I, The first day of spring was great!

Me and My Mom !
It amazes me that no matter how old you get that your mothers love is always important. I visit with my mom every day on the phone. This morning I really wanted to talk...I needed her support, listening ear, and encouragement, and that is just what I got! It made my day much better just to be able to talk to her. I pray that my own kids will always feel they too can come to me, no matter what ...I will be there for them! I have always felt it is important to build that relationship with our kids NOW! The realtionship between both parents and their kids is so important and very much something to treasure!! Today Bailey was at a science Fair, and So it was Amanda and I at home! We spent the morning together and had some really great time together just the two of us! We are going to begin a bible study together called the Secret Girl Keeper. Later in the day, She asked me to help her prepare a Tea party out on the deck for her and her friend. So Amanda and I walked to the store and got tea and muffins for the tea party on the deck, set up a cute table and got out the china. The best part was spending time together, walking in the warm sunshine, and the great conversations we had. It was about 65' outside today. The first day of Spring was beautiful!!! ...What a fun day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

P3 (packet 3 papers)

Yeah good news this week. I called on Wednesday and DC said that our P3 has reached Holt Korea. We now just wait for the VI to be scheduled. Once that is scheduled, we will know about when Gracie will be coming home. I pray so hard she is home before Easter! Today I was cleaning up the house getting ready for care group tonight and I went into her room, and kinda had a little melt down moment. I have not cried like that for a while. It is good tears! Tears that say...."Lord bring my baby home"! We hope that next week we will have good news to share and that the VI has been scheduled for her.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Face Of Grace...upcoming baby shower...

Each morning I start the day praying for my family and for little Grace to come home soon. Her little face mesmerizes me. I think I spend hours just staring into her beautiful little eyes. I am always wondering how she is doing, and what she will be doing throughout the day. I have enjoyed reading over and over again the report that we recieved from Holt. It tells us something of what her personality is like. I believe the foster family is really enjoying her alot. I anticipate her being separated from them and coming to America to her forever family that loves her so much already. I know this will be an adjustment for her, but she will feel our love immediatly! I can't wait to kiss her little cheeks and hear her giggle!! I have many people through the week ask me when she will be home. I just smile and say very soon we hope. My students in our dance studio are just as excited too. The little ones are always asking "Miss Tina is your baby home yet". In the beginning I had a little one ask why my tummy was not big. So it has been a blessing for me to be able to explain to them how special adoption is. They area really amazed by it, and I know it will touch them all in a very special way to be a part of it all!! Next week ...Some wonderful friends of mine are planning a baby shower for us before Grace comes home. I am sooo thrilled and excited about this. Im really looking forward to it and it is sooooo special to my heart. AFter Grace is home and a bit settled in, we plan on having a welcome home party for her so everyone can meet her.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kids Projects

Thought I would share some photos of the kids. They have both has quite the projects in school lately. Bailey had to get ready for Science Fair, and Amanda did a report on Greenland! It always amazes me what kids are taught now! They were both pretty proud!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots to do...

My Awesome Daughter!

While we are in "waiting"..for baby Grace to come home... I have alot to do and focus on to prepare for our Spring production with my business! FOr those of you who do not know this I own a dance business...and each year we have a large production we do in the spring. So to say the least his is my busy month. I still have some dances to finish choreographing, and many of the small details to do to make the show a hit. It is truely sometimes overwhelming with all the details...but when the curtain opens it is all worth it! With my family behind me and my husband who works on his long list of making stage all amazingly gets done! I love teaching my students, they become like family to me and mean the world to me. Their smiles can very much brighten my day, and they always come in and ask "Miss Tina, Do you have your baby yet?". They are very anxious to meet her too! I Thought today I would share a few of my adorable students to you! I will try to post more later. This is just one of my groups of nearly 200 students!

My love of my life and the best son ever.. who always help work the shows! They really enjoy all the details..That is good for me!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My heart Pours out....

Tonight we had an amazing care group night ..this is our bible study group. What an amazing night and powerful prayers. Im so grateful for these special friends that we have grown so close to. When we got home tonight there was an email with amazing information about our Grace Gyeonge-eun. How very special to get this information about her. Things like..."she has a huge smile when the foster family kisses her on the cheek", "Cute little girl with shining eyes", "Easy going baby", "babbles alot", "Enjoys bath time and splashin in the water", "Foster family takes care of her with their whole heart", "Likes it very much when she is held", "Falls asleep at night with a lullaby". There was so much more in the email about her, I won't go into it all, but this really meant alot to me to see. I feel that I know her much more now. I know what she likes, and her sleeping patterns, some of what she likes and does not like...most of all I know that she is being so loved with her foster family and that they are bonded with her as much as she is bonded with them. AFter all this is the only family she has ever known since she was one day old. I am FOREVER grateful to this family that God placed in her life. For Grace this family is just for a season, and soon she will be joining her FOREVER family with us. We are all so excited to have her home with us...the wait has been so hard...and at the same time I grieve for what I can only imagine she will feel and the foster family will feel as they soon say goodbye to her. This transistion brings joy for our family, but also breaks my heart for the ones who have to say goodbye to her! My prayer is for the foster family and that God will bless them for this special gift they have given to our daughter, for taking her in and loving her completly as their own. That He will comfort them as they say goodbye to her very soon. I think fostering is a special calling in life. And the familys that do it are amazing and strong people, because they know it is only for a time! My prayer for our little Gracie is that the moment she is in our arms that she will be able to feel our LOVE that we have for her! That she will bond quickly with us. I pray The Lord will give her visions of us and dreams about us to prepare her heart for her forever family that is so anxiously awaiting her arrival. We have so much love to give to her!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Excited Kids!

Last night as we went to tuck in the kids we discovered that they were not in their own rooms, but that they were already tucking themselves in...only they made beds on the floor in Grace's room!! How totally cute was this!!! I had to snap a picture and share it with you. Even Phoebee (our dog) is waiting too. I just know this little girl will be soooo spoiled! Not just from us, but from brother and sister too.

NVC Logged Out!

We called NVC, and today we are officially logged out! Yeah...we just pray that the rest of this keeps moving and falling into place! Please keep up the prayers. We are seeing so many of our blog friends that are getting travel calls and getting to meet there babies....It is so exciting to see and celebrate with everyone!

Monday, March 9, 2009

NVC Logged In!!

Yeah today we finally heard we were acually logged into the NVC (National Visa Center) on the 7th. Next step is logging out. We should hear on that tomarrow. Grace has been given a case number. We'll keep you informed! Things are really moving along. YEAH!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

anxious and waiting:BY AMANDA

This last week was pretty fun because we finally got Grace's room finished.We still need lots of clothes though.It's getting so close and we all are getting very anxious.I love her already and just want her home.I know that I will be missing some school but I would do anything to get her home.Bye for now.

Time to finish Grace's Room!

Since we had great news this past week we decided we better work on getting Gracies room done. Grab the paint brushes and have fun! I think we goofed around more than we painted. I will post some pictures of what we have so far, but I still have some more wall decorations that I need to find, a book shelf and new carpet will be layed very soon.
"ohhh no paint on my favorite sweats" "Ugh"

The Finished product! I love to go and stand in her room, knowing pretty soon she will be here!

Where was Bailey in all this???? He was playing with flashlights...He found more fun in watching us all work!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

EP Permitt & I600-I171 APPROVAL!!! Update...

Yeah today we just got an email that Grace Gyeonge-eun has just recieved her Emigration Permit from Korea. This is one of the steps in Korea that had to happen in order for her to travel home. From my understanding her Travel certificate will also follow. Meaning she is good to go for travel. This is similar to a passport, however it is good for only a one way journey out of Korea.

OH WAIT....JUST GOT MAIL...WE GOT OUR I600 I171 APPROVAL!!! YIPPY YAHOO!! This is so huge for our family. If you remember last week I wrote about this and how our USCIS office was taking up to 8 weeks to complete. Thanks to US office of Senator John Thune's office and Wess Roth, our turn around time was 10 days. This means Grace could be home in 4 weeks. Words can not express our appreciation!!! Gracie just may be home for Easter! How funny as Im writing this journal Terry went to the mail box, and wow...there it was! What a great day!
Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord!! How could the day get any better!

YOu may be wondering...What next..well...The next step is that our paper work goes to the US National Visa Center in DC. our paper work will be logged in and then logged out. Grace will be given a case number. We have already called twice to see if they have it yet, and they do not. Please pray this next few steps that paper work gets in the right hands and on the right desks. AFter this step then our P3 paper work will make its lovely way to South Korea. That will be the last stop where they do a visa interview, and she will be ready to travel. Lots of information, but we just live each day and go by each step. If you see on the right of our blog you can see our timeline of everything. This is always exciting to be able to mark something new off our list. Please leave us your comments, and or prayers!! We love to hear from you!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A dollar for Every Question..."When will she be here"

My husband and I decided if we had a $Dollar for every time we were asked "when do you get your baby?" We could retire early!! I know people are just really excited and curious. IT is great people care and are concerned, but honestly lately..if we knew something ...anything...Just about everyone would know about it. We'd scream it from the roof tops!! Some days are easier then others, and some days are just plain hard. We are so in love with this little sweetie pie and we are so close to meeting her face to face. We feel it and it is right around the corner. Please pray that we will be able to bring her home for Easter!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Grandparents...What a blessing!

A couple of weeks ago, we went home to visit family. The kids wanted to have a slumber at their Great Grandparents house. We had a fun time with them and stayed up till about midnight visiting! It is amazing to me how many awesome memories I have with my grandparents, and it is such a great blessing that my children also get to have memories with them too. Bailey and Amanda adore all their grandparents, and they are so lucky to have so many of them that love and adore them right back. Great Grandma has a picture of Gracie on her desk and everyone is just as excited as we are to finally meet her really soon.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Korean Dinner ....Cheers baby Grace!

CHEERS to our First "Real" Korean Dinner - ( 7-UP Pop in the glasses)
We have been excited to really cook Korean. This week we bought a Wok! We have been really excited to cook with it! This dinner was definetly a hit! The wait for Grace is long, so this is something fun for us to be able to start finding some Korean dinners we love to make and share with friends and family!

Lots of Prep went into making this special Dinner!

Whats on the Menu??
Bulgogi with Rice and Veggies

Haetgamja Jorim

Kwail Salad- Fruit salad with pine nut dressing

We ALL LOVED Our Dinner and will be doing it again really soon! ONLY next time with some of our good friends and in the near future with Grace sitting at our table too!