Thursday, March 26, 2009

No news Yet!

Today I called DC and still our P3. is still at Holt Korea (our agency).

The steps that needs to happen are....

1 Holt Korea Agency will send P3 packet back to US Embassy in Korea. (usually this is a one week turnaround...for some reason ours is taking longer). There should be no hold up as we have everything done. Her EP is also done. humm, I am confused.

2 ONce P3 arrives at Embassy, Then our VI can be scheduled (Visa Interview)

3 On the day of the VI, they will issue her a permanant Visa to leave come to the US

Then we will get the travel call! This will be a glorious day. No one will be able to pull me down from the clouds!!

Terry seems to think we will get a travel call by next friday. I on the other hand am not so positive. Maybe it is because I don't want to be let down. After all the VI has not even been scheduled yet. Yes I know God can move mountains! I am however very thankful at how much detail Holt puts into the protection of their children while under foster care. It truely is impressive! All the monthly doctor visits they have, and the information we have about Grace is something to treasure. The fact of knowing our little girl is in such great care right now, is so comforting. Although at the same time....we are so ready to be her parents! Please pray that Friday we hear good news..that the packet is sent to the embassy. My friends are holding a baby shower for us on Saturday. IT would be great to have good news to share!!

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