Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Bottle Fundraiser Kick off!!

Our "Baby Bottle Fundraiser" Kick off!! We have been thinking for a while about doing some kind of fundraiser to help offset some of the costs for our international adoption to bring Gracie home. We decided to go for it today with a "baby bottle fundraiser". We got a cute bucket from a local store, and I decorated it all cute with ribbon, stickers and bows. We printed out small pictures of Grace and put them on the bottles with a little curley ribbon.

Those that want to help out will put their pocket change in the bottle, when the bottle is full get it back to us to turn in for cash to go towards our adoption expenses. "Pocket change" may seem like something little...but with many participants it all will add up!! We pray God moves mountains and that this will be a huge success! We will start this week!!


Rhea Anne said...

Good luck...that is such a great idea. Praying God sends much support your way.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Very neat idea.....and how sweet are those bottles?? Cute!