Friday, March 20, 2009

A Mothers Love is Forever!

(above) My Sweet Amanda and I, The first day of spring was great!

Me and My Mom !
It amazes me that no matter how old you get that your mothers love is always important. I visit with my mom every day on the phone. This morning I really wanted to talk...I needed her support, listening ear, and encouragement, and that is just what I got! It made my day much better just to be able to talk to her. I pray that my own kids will always feel they too can come to me, no matter what ...I will be there for them! I have always felt it is important to build that relationship with our kids NOW! The realtionship between both parents and their kids is so important and very much something to treasure!! Today Bailey was at a science Fair, and So it was Amanda and I at home! We spent the morning together and had some really great time together just the two of us! We are going to begin a bible study together called the Secret Girl Keeper. Later in the day, She asked me to help her prepare a Tea party out on the deck for her and her friend. So Amanda and I walked to the store and got tea and muffins for the tea party on the deck, set up a cute table and got out the china. The best part was spending time together, walking in the warm sunshine, and the great conversations we had. It was about 65' outside today. The first day of Spring was beautiful!!! ...What a fun day!

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