Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Shower!

My daughter and I were so excited to wake up this morning and go to the baby shower that my friend Vicki and Laura put on for baby Gracie. What a great time to have one, since she may be home in less than one week now. We were blessed by many special moments at the party. I especially like the song that was sung to us by Ericka, and Ashley. That about set me to tears right away. I was so touched by all the special little details that made this party extra special. It also makes me think that as girlfriends we need to take more time out just to get together, sip tea and really visit with eachother. Thank you all so much for blessing us with such a special day and such special gifts for baby Grace. We love you all, and we can not wait for Grace to meet each one of you very soon! Look at the photo above...This was a 3 tier diaper cake that Laura made. Is that soooo cute or what? Below are friends who came to the party this morning. I think 4 of you left early, and a few could not make it....bumber you missed the photo opp.

Thank you Vicki (she is in front in Pink, and Laura (second row in peach/brown) for planning such a special day. This is one day I will always remember!!! You are the best!!

This is my Friend Vicki's little daughter Alyssa. She is from China and can not wait for "baby Korea" to come home and be able to play with her. Here she is singing a song for me. She even wore her little China dress for the party!! How cute!

Amanda and her friends Ashley (Laura's Daughter) and Jenna (Lisa's Daughter). Very fun Girly day!!

This pic is my lovely daughter Amanda, Me, My Mom, and My sister Mandi!!


Stacey said...

Oh what a blessed time! I am so glad I got to come join in the celebration! I can't wait for you to get to bring your baby girl home! It was a very beautiful morning! Love ya!

JoJo said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful day. I'm glad you were able to have that little 'oasis' with your girls before Gracie comes home.

Krista said...

Everything looked so fun! I love the diaper cake idea, how practical! I'm so sorry I missed the fun! I will see you (and hopefully little Gracie) next weekend!! All my love and prayers!

Katie said...

It looks like it was a very special fun to get together with all the ladies and celebrate! I can't wait to see the post that says baby girl is coming home!

Kristi J said...

That is so cute..I can't wait to have a shower for Lucy fun!! Thanks for your sweet comment and prayers on this wonderful day...We're so excited once again and pray it all goes smoothly :) kristi