Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Sweet 16 Bailey

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Bailey Patrick!!!!
 Amazing to me how fast time flys by... one minute he was a toddler getting into everything, and then suddenly he is this young man who is much taller than me 6ft. and lifting me up all the time for a hug. Bailey is definitely my hugger. There is rarely a morning that my son doesn't give me a big hug, and a hug goodnight. I seriously treasure that more than he knows!!! I luv this boy with all of my heart. I remember spending my entire pregnancy sicker than a dog..literally sooo sick. Could not keep food down for anything. I was in pre-term labor on mothers day, which landed me in the hospital 2 times, then in bed rest for 3 months..Till finally our little miracle showed his little 5lb 12oz cute face to the world! I love being a is the best rewarding job on the universe!! 
Instead of a big party, he just wanted simple..wanted to go out to eat and keep it on the down low. So we did...but had fun at the same time.

Here we are !! Two teenagers and one toddler!! Oh yeah...nothing better :-))

Little does he know that Texas Road house will embarrass you on your b-day!!!
Bailey and Amanda!!

 YEP...Bailey's TURN TO RIDE THE HORSE!!! Yeeehawwww

We love you Bailey with all that we have. We pray always the very best for you and that you will always ask God to direct your path through your life!! People may disappoint you, but God is always there no matter what!!
 Happy Birthday sweet son! I love you always, MOM xxoo

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Amazing Clouds...

The other night I just had to grab my cell phone and snap this photo of the clouds outside my house. I walked out and they put me in total awe... I think God was busy making art for us to all enjoy! Luved it.

New Hair Cuts for Sisters

 This week I took both girls for hair cuts. It was really Gracie's First real hair cut. I think about 6 inches came off!! Little Angeled Bob just like mine. She did awesome and as you see was proud of her new little hair cut.

 Both my girls looking soooo pretty. Can't believe the closeness these two share!! Warms my heart!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Miss you Dad

Yesterday marked the day my dad passed away 16 years ago. He was only 42yrs old.  Mom and I were talking about how long it has been since we have seen him. It does not feel like 16 years to us. The pain of missing him is still the same.  I took a moment alone yesterday and wrote on a balloon. Sat on a special hill and let the balloon go. I watched it float up to the sky. Took a while of silence to just remember miss send him a message through the sky..and to cry. Yesterday was a really sad day for me. It hit me and I was in tears off and on that whole day.
Tonight we had family over for dinner and they each  wrote on a balloon. The kids let them go to the sky too. I was glad to share that with them.
We love you dad, and even though it has been 16 years we all still miss you just the same, but also know you are watching over us every day!