Sunday, November 27, 2011

In love with my neice..

 I am so in love with my little neice..she makes my heart pitter patter...
 I got to bond with her for a while  while my sister did some laundry downstairs. See her little hand holding my cute is that?? Oh my goshhh..
This is my favorite....I could have fallen asleep with her..My little Eira!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

aunt Paige with Gracie

this year thanksgiving was very different from past years. Usually we are around between 20-30 family members at my Grandmothers house in my home town. But this year with my sister having her baby we spent thanksgiving here at the cabin with a very small amount of family. Turned out we did not see my sister and baby this day as they were with her hubby's family all day. Oh well, we got to see them the next day. Either way the cabin is a peaceful place to be, but missed seeing my grandparents big time this year. Now not sure when we will make a trip home to see them, but sometime very soon, hopefully before Christmas. So for us this year Thanksgiving was pretty quiet!

Amanda and I on cabin deck..

 My mom and Mark...
 some of the little crowd at table
 my two teenagers....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy 13!!!

 to my beautiful daughter Amanda- I love you more than you will ever know. My sweet little girl. I remember the day that I gave birth you like it was yesterday and the sweet sound of "It's a Girl" was like music to my ears! You slept in my arms all night long, I did not sleep at all because I was so excited. Then of course the next day I was exhausted. It is amazing to me now to see what an absolutly wonderful young girl you have become. You love the Lord, your an amazing friend, always think of others around you, and you adore your little sister like no other. Oh and the fact that you still really acually think I am the cooolest mom around totally warms my heart!!  I am proud of who you have become. Happy 13th Birthday !! I love you!!

 Pool party with friends the night before..and big brother behind putting her face into her cake..ughh
the next day we all went out to eat to celebrate on her acual bday, and then I surprised her and took her shopping and let her pierce her ears a second time. :-) Fun girl day!!
 We also have the complete joy of seeing my little neice born today. So it is sooo cool that little Eira and Amanda will share the same birthday...(more baby pics to come). What an amazing day!!
can you tell I am a proud auntee or what!!??