Monday, July 14, 2014

The Other Side Of The Curtain-----Of Dance

If you have not been a regular reader of my blog you would not know that for 23 years I was a dancer and for 12 years I owned my own dance business and taught many classes to many ages of children. Dance has always been my life. The past 3 years now my studio has been closed and I miss it greatly. My older daughter Amanda grew up in my studio and dance from the time she was almost 2. Gracie was able to dance for one year with me.

This summer I put Grace into a summer dance camp in a nearing town. "Hip Hop camp".  So for a week now I have been on "other side of the window".  A friend I know was there with her daughter too and said "see being on this side isn't so bad". I said "no i would rather be teaching this class".   I found myself judging the teaching at first because the class for a camp is not what I expected it to be. It was mixed with K-3rd Grade. Big age difference. The dance and style was also 3rd grade level dance class. They all come in and are just shown the entire dance routine and now work on it. I could see Grace was overwhelmed, but she pushed through.  I just wondered where are the ribbon sticks, music props, and creative movement that 5 years olds love so much? Well I guess that is not what this camp is. It made me realize what a great teacher and great curriculum I had for my little ones of this age and no wonder why those classes for me were full!

In the mean time, Gracie keeps pushing through and really starts catching on to this pretty hard and fast routine!! By day 3 she was having fun. Got a t-shirt and will be dancing on stage at the down town summer festival. To see her smiling and having fun melted my heart. She did awesome and by the end of the week had a fun time and was proud she learned "hip hop"

Summer & update on Amanda

Summer seems to be flying by so fast. Course for us it really did not start up till July. Most of April May and June were spent in Dr offices. This week I take Amanda for her first check up since her diagnoses and since they have started her on the 6MP drug for Crohns.  So I am preparing for another long road trip this week. Today she has to get some blood drawn because it has been 2 weeks since she started that drug and they need to see how her body is responding to it all. The day can not come soon enough to get her off this steroid. It really seems to mess with her moods and she seems to get no sleep at night because it keeps her up. She is on 4 different things right now, my cabinet looks like I am a pharmacist.  I am making an apt to meet with someone in our area that is highly been recommended for advice on diet and vitamin health. I can't wait to meet with her. This will all be a learn as we go kind of thing. Hopefully her apt all goes well and blood work looks great. 

This weekend took the kids to a fun little place they had been to when little. Gracie really enjoyed it and especially seeing the baby bears. Summer is going too fast and I just want to get the kids out and enjoy some things before school starts again!! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

How To Reprogram Your Mind (for Positive Thinking)

I have been loving following Brendon Burchard-Live. Love. Matter.

I especially love his you tube post on Positive thinking and reprograming your mind to do so.

The highest achievers in the world at one point said to themselves, "you know what, I need to discipline my mind to support me. Even when my mind comes up with automatic thoughts, I want those to be positive, buoyant, confident and strong, something that leads me to healthy decisions for my life-not just those that protect me or freak me out."

After watching this video I have decided to try the challenge he puts out there for the next 30 days. I could use a good dose of getting my mind on track and thinking more positive thoughts. It makes sense that when we think negative we are conditioning our mind to do just that. But if we condition our minds to REDIRECT those negative thoughts into positive ones our whole life experience will sure be more peaceful.  I encourage anyone to watch the video and tell me what your thoughts are..

4th of July

 This fourth of July was filled with carnivals, parades, and great fireworks displays.  I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!! Happy Birthday America!!

Tradition has it we must go on the scrambler!

my kids and their friends that put on a great fireworks display!! :-))

18 already?

How do kids grow up so fast? It seems like yesterday this little/bit guy was just a toddler building forts and all kinds of contraptions all around the house, full of energy and a free spirit. Now what feels like over night he is a young man that I am so very proud of. He loves his family, a hard worker, thoughtful and kind. Yep that is my teenage son. Some people say that the teen years are terrible for them. I can say that with our two teens it has been very enjoyable as they are growing up. Very proud mommy! Bailey's party was a total surprise. I was working on it for a month or so and was sure hoping no one would spill the beans.  I was able to get his best friend that lives out of town to also come along with a few more of his closest buddies and a lot of our family.  The weekend was a hit and a total surprise!! :-)

He loves Buffalo Wild one stop we had to make!! Loaded him up on wings!! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Update On my Daughter

Just a few days ago Amanda started the 6MP drug for Crohns.  I say that with mixed feelings. Lets just say the warnings on many things can scare the crap out of you. She however was so excited to get started on it. I have just been praying that it makes her feel better. This drug will take about 6-8 weeks before you see full results from it. By then she will be off the steroid and close to being done with the other 2.  My cabinet now looks officially like I am a pharmacist!  The past 2 days I am happy to report that she is feeling much better. That makes me feel good. The last thing as a parent you want, is to see your child in a huge amount of pain.

I know this will be a learning thing..and we learn as we go. ..for now Grateful for a great day today !!

So live it !!