Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer & update on Amanda

Summer seems to be flying by so fast. Course for us it really did not start up till July. Most of April May and June were spent in Dr offices. This week I take Amanda for her first check up since her diagnoses and since they have started her on the 6MP drug for Crohns.  So I am preparing for another long road trip this week. Today she has to get some blood drawn because it has been 2 weeks since she started that drug and they need to see how her body is responding to it all. The day can not come soon enough to get her off this steroid. It really seems to mess with her moods and she seems to get no sleep at night because it keeps her up. She is on 4 different things right now, my cabinet looks like I am a pharmacist.  I am making an apt to meet with someone in our area that is highly been recommended for advice on diet and vitamin health. I can't wait to meet with her. This will all be a learn as we go kind of thing. Hopefully her apt all goes well and blood work looks great. 

This weekend took the kids to a fun little place they had been to when little. Gracie really enjoyed it and especially seeing the baby bears. Summer is going too fast and I just want to get the kids out and enjoy some things before school starts again!! 

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