Monday, July 7, 2014

18 already?

How do kids grow up so fast? It seems like yesterday this little/bit guy was just a toddler building forts and all kinds of contraptions all around the house, full of energy and a free spirit. Now what feels like over night he is a young man that I am so very proud of. He loves his family, a hard worker, thoughtful and kind. Yep that is my teenage son. Some people say that the teen years are terrible for them. I can say that with our two teens it has been very enjoyable as they are growing up. Very proud mommy! Bailey's party was a total surprise. I was working on it for a month or so and was sure hoping no one would spill the beans.  I was able to get his best friend that lives out of town to also come along with a few more of his closest buddies and a lot of our family.  The weekend was a hit and a total surprise!! :-)

He loves Buffalo Wild one stop we had to make!! Loaded him up on wings!! 

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