Monday, February 4, 2008

Yeah We are In!!

Yeah , Today we got our letter from Korea. We are officially in the Korea "pile" of waiting parents!! We were just talking about this last night, and prayed that God would bring that letter to us quickly. After I got home from the studio, Terry had just read it. What a happy moment for our family. Now is really happening. Now we can really start counting down each month. Today is a happy day for the Storff Family. I went to a baby shower this weekend. It sure gave me and excitement for our baby. There were several pregnant mommies there. Very different feeling for me since I too feel "pregnant" in a sense. But on the outside no one really knows....and sometimes they forget just because of that I think. I suddenly realized to that we really have nothing baby anymore. Over the years it all has been sold or given away to other families. We are also still in prayer and know that God will provide the finances for us to bring our baby home debt free. This is so very important for our family.