Monday, March 26, 2012

When the questions arrive...

Today I am reaching out to a few of my friends that I know have gone through this same thing...the day your child that was born in your heart and not in your tummy starts asking you questions that you want to be sure to answer in the correct way.  Maybe Im putting too much stress on myself about it. But is a gentle topic I think. One that needs to be treated with tenderness and consideration.

Today my heart is heavy and eager to get advice from some wise people who have traveled down this path before I have. We always want to be open to Gracie about her adoption, about the country she came from and of course her birth parents and the great foster family she was blessed with while in Korea. We will share with her everything at the right time. For now she is 3 and I want to be prepared. This sweet baby girl of mine since the day we got our referral for her back in 2008 I have prayed that she would never experience a feeling of having something missing in her heart, but I have prayed that God would always always fill that place.

Today my heart is heavy and full of love at the same time for my precious baby girl!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tulips are my favorite

One day I hinted that tulips would be nice to have ....and by some miracle when i got home from the gym that night there were tulips on my table. Very nice surprise!! Temp here has been in the 70's for quite some time now, we have really enjoyed being outside. Very unusual and warm weather for us this time of year. I pray it stays this way. I am ready for spring and ready to have a great summer!! You could say that this mama has big time spring fever!! Happy Monday every one, I hope you have a great week!!

What we have been up to....

Time seems to go fast and once again it has been a while since I have blogged. Im going to try to better.
I will just start by filling you in with some of the happenings the past couple of months..Kids all keep us busy most the time. They are growing up so fast. Seems alot of changes this year now with two teens in the house. :-) We enjoy having lots of friends over hanging out's fun to know their friends and know what is going on in their lives. So just a little update and then I will try to be better about blogging more often.
 amanda (on left) and her friend Karlie at the middle school science fair...As you can see Gracie is always right in the middle as well. Amanda was just in her first middle school play as well. She was a spy. lol. It was acually really good and a funny play to watch, the kids all did great. Now she is taking on track this season. Guess she takes after her mommy :-) She enjoys being active..and shes on the go with her friends alllll the time. Im also starting to teach her how to drive which is very fun for her and I.

 Bailey ...he just finished the season of basketball. Loved watching all his games. We were lucky to have grandparents at one of his games at least this year. Now he is going to try to get a job somewhere hopefully soon. Now he is recently starting to enjoy Golf with his papa Mark too..It is very nice now that my mom an Mark have bought another home in this area. We see them about every other weekend and it's great for the kids to be able to see their grandparents a little more too.

 Play time in the snow....n proud of her first snow man!! lol!!
 Gracie is always a little character...for sure goofy!!

 and a very big thing for Gracie this winter is she began preschool in February. She loves her teacher Miss Shanna alot and loves to go just two days a week for a couple hrs.

 This was her first day going to preschool..she was excited, but also kept saying..."mommy I'm gonna miss you soo much"....
and the two that keep it all and I just celebrated our 18 yr anniversary! :-)