Monday, October 25, 2010

Lifes like a box of chocolates....

"Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you'll get".  We all I have bad days and good days, and challenges in our lives. I am pretty sure of it. But it is all about how you react when you are faced with hard or difficult situations? That is the big question. I use to think that the older we get there would not be such things to deal with, but this is certainly not true is it?  It is truly a part of life. Throughout our lives we are always going to be dealing with some situation or another. But... there is hope because as I get older I know that I will learn more about how to not react, or how to react in a better way. Usually for me, I have to get away from the situation and really think and pray about it. Sometimes we may not have a chance to do that if something is sprung onto us.....but. ... Honestly, We can only take the things that come our way and try to learn and grow from them all! Life is like a box of Chocolates!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beautiful Fall..Enjoying the last bit of it.

 This fall has been so beautiful we are soaking in every beautiful moment that we can..

 I love my kids so much, they are the best!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun in the Leaves

These kind of days I treasure.... I love Fall...although I am seriously dreading winter time. (we can talk about that later)   I am loving the 80+degree weather we seem to be having and taking advantage of every moment we can to just get outside, play and enjoy the beautiful changing of colors, and the sun on our backs! awhhh love it!
 laughing and laughing was this little girls after noon today. Such a great time watching her play like that. She took a great nap later too..

She always wears her sunglasses upside down. This is the only way they seem to fit her tiny little nose!
Here she is saying.."come on mommy , come on".. I had my 200 lens on so was a little ways away to get some good photos of her running in the leaves.  

I even got Gracie to stop for a moment and take a photo with me! What a true sweet heart she is. There were three other little girls at the park too, and later when we got home  she kept talking about her "new friends" at the park.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

On the other Side of the Camera

Beautiful weekend for photos and someone wanted to take special. So off we went.
 Yes these are my most favorite RED shoes in the world! I love shoes and I do not have nearly enough of them. Now that the season is changing it is time to go shoe shopping once again.
 This bridge is one of my most favorite places to go at all different seasons. I photographed some pics from this bridge last winter, this summer, and now this fall. I will have to show all the seasons..guess that's another post.
 Yes this old bridge does not have much traffic at all..thank goodness, cause i could sit here and just think allllll day long, and many times I do. The pic above shows how the view goes on and on..This is my special place.

 ..................and that is me on my special little outing with a special little date :-) on my beautiful bridge!

Life time memories and friendships...

 We are fortunate that my brother and his family live just ten miles away, but yet it seems life can still get pretty busy and we can go a good amount of time without seeing eachother. So when we are together the kids soak in all the fun they can. This weekend was beautiful with the perfect weather. Here are some pics of the kids just enjoying some play time outside! Always Priceless!! Gracie love Rylan!! I guess he is the closest to her size!!
 Bailey being the oldest giving rides on the fourwheeler!!

 Lets just climb trees!!

 Trying to get all 5 in a photo was a little challenging, but oh so sweet all at the same time!!
In the photo my three and my brothers two kids!
Creating life time memories and friendships!