Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun in the Leaves

These kind of days I treasure.... I love Fall...although I am seriously dreading winter time. (we can talk about that later)   I am loving the 80+degree weather we seem to be having and taking advantage of every moment we can to just get outside, play and enjoy the beautiful changing of colors, and the sun on our backs! awhhh love it!
 laughing and laughing was this little girls after noon today. Such a great time watching her play like that. She took a great nap later too..

She always wears her sunglasses upside down. This is the only way they seem to fit her tiny little nose!
Here she is saying.."come on mommy , come on".. I had my 200 lens on so was a little ways away to get some good photos of her running in the leaves.  

I even got Gracie to stop for a moment and take a photo with me! What a true sweet heart she is. There were three other little girls at the park too, and later when we got home  she kept talking about her "new friends" at the park.


Kelly said...

Yes, I love how quickly and easily kids "make friends". Those are some great photos of her on the slide.

Waiting4OurAngel said...

LOVE it...truly beautiful pics!!