Monday, October 25, 2010

Lifes like a box of chocolates....

"Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you'll get".  We all I have bad days and good days, and challenges in our lives. I am pretty sure of it. But it is all about how you react when you are faced with hard or difficult situations? That is the big question. I use to think that the older we get there would not be such things to deal with, but this is certainly not true is it?  It is truly a part of life. Throughout our lives we are always going to be dealing with some situation or another. But... there is hope because as I get older I know that I will learn more about how to not react, or how to react in a better way. Usually for me, I have to get away from the situation and really think and pray about it. Sometimes we may not have a chance to do that if something is sprung onto us.....but. ... Honestly, We can only take the things that come our way and try to learn and grow from them all! Life is like a box of Chocolates!!

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Stacey said...

Very well said Tina, My friend! THANKS!!! and I am proud of you for handling the unexpected so well! and teaching me to step back, pray and wait! Bigger and Better things baby!!