Saturday, October 9, 2010

On the other Side of the Camera

Beautiful weekend for photos and someone wanted to take special. So off we went.
 Yes these are my most favorite RED shoes in the world! I love shoes and I do not have nearly enough of them. Now that the season is changing it is time to go shoe shopping once again.
 This bridge is one of my most favorite places to go at all different seasons. I photographed some pics from this bridge last winter, this summer, and now this fall. I will have to show all the seasons..guess that's another post.
 Yes this old bridge does not have much traffic at all..thank goodness, cause i could sit here and just think allllll day long, and many times I do. The pic above shows how the view goes on and on..This is my special place.

 ..................and that is me on my special little outing with a special little date :-) on my beautiful bridge!

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