Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fa la la la la...

 A few pics from our tour of the trees!

 This time Gracie did not want a photo, so she layed down and made this face. Guess she was tired.
 Finally got her to sit up for a second and smile for the camera. All three of my kids! Love this photo!

So let the Christmas season begin...I love the holidays! Decorating our tree, popcorn balls, home made fudge, family traditions that I cherish! Happy Holidays everyone!


This year for many reason, I just could not wait to get home to see my family. Seemed like the time just flew by. We are so busy when we are home. I don't think Gracie has been in and out of her car seat so many times before!
I usually have my camera very busy, but this week unfortunatly I did not get many photos.
Here is my lovely neice that was picking on me..Dillan!

 Here is my aunt Sandy..I gave her the nick name many years ago Noney! She and her husband Bob were so nice to let us stay in there new home while we were home.
 Thanksgiving eve..having dinner at my aunts house. This is my Grandparents. As you can see Gracie is having a pretty good discussion with them both.
 This is Thanksgiving day out at my Grandma's house. Her and my grandpa have lived in the same home since they got married. You can find every memory possible in her home! Thank you Grandma and everyone that helped make dinner so marvelous!!
 Kiddos playing some games after dinner..
 This my other Grandma..with all her Great Grand Children. My Grandpa passed away 2 years ago so we really miss him every time we go to visit Grandma. She love her Great Grandkids like Crazy. This is our kids, Bailey 14, Amanda 12, Gracie 2. My brothers kids, Dillan 7, Rylan 5. We never see her for Christmas so she had all her presents ready for us all. IT was a really fun time.
 I have done many tire runs in the past 6 months. So my aunt Sandy wanted to try it to run off some turkey day calories..we did and and well.....
 as you see...she is dragging a little behind me....LOL.
Fun times with family and great memories for us and our kids with their cousins. Just wish I had more pics.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Amanda...

This day at 9pm. I will remember forever just like every mommy remembers the first time they hold their babies in their arms. Happy Birthday to my sweet Amanda. I can't believe you are 12 already. Wow how time goes fast. You are a beautiful daughter inside and out and you have the most amazing heart. YOu are so giving, and so loving to everyone around you. You are a hard worker and it sure shows..not matter what your doing you give it 100%. You have a giggle that is contagious! You are like a rare gem, and I love you sooo very much.
Happy Birthday Angel face!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Books?

My wish list this year is for Santa to have my blog made into a boook. (santa will be myself btw) I am wondering if any of you have made your blogs into books, and if so where did you go through to do this, did you go hard or soft cover, and most importantly are you happy with the quality?? Are there companys where you found the quality not what you expected. Please leave me a comment...because I  Santa (me) needs to start working on this one!! :-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

He never leaves our side....

In my past post I explained that there were some things that needed to fall into place in order to help me out with this transition and make things smoother for our whole family. The one big thing we are use to with our kids is either I'm home with them, or my husband is. Well with the new job change for him..I knew I wanted someone here for our kids during those hours that him and I are both working! I know they are capable of being home, but I do not want that for my kids every day after school, even if it is or one hour. I really wanted to hire a nanny to be here for them after school for a couple hours till we get home. Good news came today and the person we had in mind is going to work out just perfect!! Just so happens that my step sister is transferring to the college near us and really wants to nanny for us. The kids love her and it is a great match!!  Then also yesterday I got a call from my sister who loves to teach dance and misses it. After talking with her and working out details I have hired her to work one day of classes for me (3 classes). This will give me this day off totally! I can not tell you how wonderful that is. That is three less classes for me to teach and 3 less recital dances that I have to choreograph. Even though I'm still struggling with the thought of my husband being gone more, and the fear of icy roads. I am at least seeing some other things fall into place that will help me out dramatically at home and my business! It makes me see how God is helping with all the details he knew I needed to have happen! :-) He never leaves our side !

Monday, November 15, 2010

Having a hard time..

Seems today has been my hardest day just thinking about all the changes that will take place with his new job.  I admit I have been in a funk today. I hate anticipating what it will be like or how differently and more organized I will need to be.  I think I am scared of what I don't know or how things are going to work here at home and running my business.  I am a very scheduled person, and now my schedule will be changing. So I guess I have to revamp right?   Don't get me wrong..I am sooper happy for him. It will be great to see him walk in the door each night happy in his job.  He really is excited about this opportunity and new challenges. He has no problem driving the distance to get there...(not yet anyway). I know I need to trust that when he says this is best for our family that I should accept that. I know with time I will get use to it all and fall into a great routine at home and with running my business. Did I say the word "TIME"... ugh that means patience right? I just hope I will have a good support system around me and I will be just fine. In fact stronger for it all I'm sure!  For now ..tonight I fall into the arms that can comfort me.. Jesus..and tomorrow will be a new day, with a new attitude! Besides, in the whole spectrum of life I really have no room at all to Whine... :-)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

News and Changes!

The change that I talked about in my previous post is that My husband has been offered another job.
We really prayed not for the job, but that if this job was the best for us that he would be offered the job and that the income we had in mind would all match up to make it worth it. Well the door opened, he has been offered the job and the numbers all match up.  His job will basically be a lot of the same work, but he is so excited for an opportunity to work for a much larger city, more experience, and of course be paid a much larger income that he very much deserves! I am very proud of him and he has done a great job here for 15 years. He has been totally dedicated to his employees and this city.  I know it was hard for him to tell them all this week. There were many political pressures and stresses, and not to mention being an appointed position is not always very comfortable! He won't have that stress in this new job which is worth a lot right there!!
 This brings about many changes for our family since this job is about and hour and a half away. We are not moving and he will drive this every day.  Is this the place I dreamed of him getting a job? My answer would be no. I honestly visioned him getting another job in a place we would all want to move to. Something exciting, and new for us all....(maybe Florida! :-)haha. 

To be honest, I have many mixed feelings about the changes. With him being in another town working, a lot more of the daily pressures, and responsibilities will fall onto me...but at the same time I am a strong person and will do what I need to do to make it work.  Problem is that I have been terribly spoiled having him around like he has been. From our lunch dates every day at 11, to even having him home at 4pm with kids when I go to work and run my business, even making dinners much of the time...yep spoiled and blessed I/we have been!! There are a few very important things that need to fall into place in order to make this transition much better.  I know God opened the door , he knows what needs to fall into place, and I trust that He will continue to make it work. I hope God works fast on that one..!! He does not start for another few weeks..but I have to be honest ..I miss him already!!
(this photo was taken at our condo at cocoa) our dream place to live someday!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trusting in Him...

For many months now we have been praying about a certain situation..really asking God that if he wants this to for us then he needs to open the door and let it happen..But now that is has happened and the door is wide open why do we second guess Him?? Asking .."are you sure God, is this really going to work out". Why do we do that. I guess we ask him to answer, but if we are going to question it, then are we really trusting in him? No probably not. Then again fear of details not yet being known can sometimes be scary. So maybe it is not that we do not trust, but that we just simply get scared to take that jump... That leap of faith. I can not say right now what this is..but I hope to be able to share with you very soon! Please keep us in your prayers that peace with this decision will be with us.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Celebrate National Adoption Month!!...

"Not Flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own, Never forgot for a single minute, You didn't grow under my heart, but IN it!"
This is by far the best celebration of all. To see children given a forever family. A place to call home! It truly is priceless! Here is the video of many wonderful families who have said YES to the gift that adoption brings. See if you can find us in the Video :-) 
(go to the bottom of this page to mute the music, so you can enjoy the video)

"One Less"  Video .....Click HERE

Copy and paste the video to your blogs, your face book..where ever you so desire to help inspire other families to say yes!