Monday, November 15, 2010

Having a hard time..

Seems today has been my hardest day just thinking about all the changes that will take place with his new job.  I admit I have been in a funk today. I hate anticipating what it will be like or how differently and more organized I will need to be.  I think I am scared of what I don't know or how things are going to work here at home and running my business.  I am a very scheduled person, and now my schedule will be changing. So I guess I have to revamp right?   Don't get me wrong..I am sooper happy for him. It will be great to see him walk in the door each night happy in his job.  He really is excited about this opportunity and new challenges. He has no problem driving the distance to get there...(not yet anyway). I know I need to trust that when he says this is best for our family that I should accept that. I know with time I will get use to it all and fall into a great routine at home and with running my business. Did I say the word "TIME"... ugh that means patience right? I just hope I will have a good support system around me and I will be just fine. In fact stronger for it all I'm sure!  For now ..tonight I fall into the arms that can comfort me.. Jesus..and tomorrow will be a new day, with a new attitude! Besides, in the whole spectrum of life I really have no room at all to Whine... :-)


Kelly said...

I am thinking being a mom is one of the hardest jobs--I am sure you will do great with the new schedule. And you are very wise to keep it all in perspective. (I do think we are entitled to a whine every once in a while :)

Waiting4OurAngel said...

The unknown is always very scary, but you can do this Tina!! It will all come together you'll see!!