Sunday, November 14, 2010

News and Changes!

The change that I talked about in my previous post is that My husband has been offered another job.
We really prayed not for the job, but that if this job was the best for us that he would be offered the job and that the income we had in mind would all match up to make it worth it. Well the door opened, he has been offered the job and the numbers all match up.  His job will basically be a lot of the same work, but he is so excited for an opportunity to work for a much larger city, more experience, and of course be paid a much larger income that he very much deserves! I am very proud of him and he has done a great job here for 15 years. He has been totally dedicated to his employees and this city.  I know it was hard for him to tell them all this week. There were many political pressures and stresses, and not to mention being an appointed position is not always very comfortable! He won't have that stress in this new job which is worth a lot right there!!
 This brings about many changes for our family since this job is about and hour and a half away. We are not moving and he will drive this every day.  Is this the place I dreamed of him getting a job? My answer would be no. I honestly visioned him getting another job in a place we would all want to move to. Something exciting, and new for us all....(maybe Florida! :-)haha. 

To be honest, I have many mixed feelings about the changes. With him being in another town working, a lot more of the daily pressures, and responsibilities will fall onto me...but at the same time I am a strong person and will do what I need to do to make it work.  Problem is that I have been terribly spoiled having him around like he has been. From our lunch dates every day at 11, to even having him home at 4pm with kids when I go to work and run my business, even making dinners much of the time...yep spoiled and blessed I/we have been!! There are a few very important things that need to fall into place in order to make this transition much better.  I know God opened the door , he knows what needs to fall into place, and I trust that He will continue to make it work. I hope God works fast on that one..!! He does not start for another few weeks..but I have to be honest ..I miss him already!!
(this photo was taken at our condo at cocoa) our dream place to live someday!

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