Thursday, October 30, 2014

Son's Heart Surgery Update

3:00 a.m came very fast this Wednesday. We headed out the door to be at the hospital check in by 5. His surgery started by 7a.m.   We anxiously awaited to hear any updates in the large waiting room that was filled with other families also in similar situations. Seemed things were taking longer than I felt they should and the occasional updates didn't seem to come as often as I would have liked. 

 It turned out to be a very long 7  hour procedure.  He was awake for much of the time and asleep for maybe 2 hours of it.  As a mother, this broke my heart in half to see and know what my son was going through.  They had catheters in each leg and through his neck.  I can't imagine!! What a brave boy and I am so proud of him and his strength!

Finally we got to talk to the Doctor.  His news was not exactly what we wanted to hear, but our son was safe and he was doing good which was just as important after going through something like this. The Dr basically said he was hoping for more conclusive results. He did do the ablation to the areas that he saw problems with. But one specific area he could not get all the way from the angel that he went from. He said with some people he HAS seen that when that area heals up and scars over, the scaring itself creates the full block, so that the circuit can not go through that area. This then would be a great success. We are praying hard that this is what will happen for our son.  

For now he is recovering and still in the hospital. They have him on heart medicine to keep his heart regulated while healing. He will go off medications in 4 weeks which will then allow us to see if it worked.   If he has episodes again, then they will do another similar procedure on him again, but from a different approach and angel that would reach that entire area where the main problem is.  We will be praying that is not necessary.  The only option we have is to keep in Faith and believe God has this all planned out and things will work out great either way!!!  No matter how old my son is, to me he is always my baby! All I want is for my children to be healthy, my family to be healthy!! With all we have been through in the past 6 months I keep asking God for this daily!! 

  1. **In case you missed some of my past posts, my son has a condition called, Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) is an abnormal fast heart rhythm that starts in the upper chambers, or the atria, of the heart.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Natures Beauty

I love to go for morning runs and this time of year is breath taking to me. I just can not get enough of this fall weather. The last of the bright vibrant leaves are barely hanging on for another day and one good wind I am sure they will be gone. This morning it was 65 degrees at 9a.m. I put on my head phones and music cued.  The air felt so good and sun so warm on my skin. This scenery is uplifting to me, I wish it lasted longer!!! Some times you just have to stop, look, breath in, breath out, and Thank God for the beauty He places in front of our eyes to appreciate!

Strong Woman

My family has a second vacation home near where we live.  This weekend my mom brought my Grandma out to visit and get out of town. It was great to see her, But when I walked into mom's house  to see her for the first time since the funeral a week ago, I saw her from the back sitting on the couch was like a pit in my stomach to see her sitting there, seeming frail, and I know with a heart broken, and with out my Grandpa next to her. I walked up to her to hug her and so happy to see her.  I think it was good for her to get out and about for the most part. But I can tell she is going through the motions right now as any spouse would be. The night before they left I hugged her goodbye. I about lost it hugging her. It took all I had to keep my tears back. I feel so sad Gramps is gone, and so sad to see her having to grieve like this. My grandma has been through so much in her life. I swear she is by far the STRONGEST woman I have ever known in my life. She has certainly had a lot of joy and happiness, but she has also had much pain, loss, and grief. Her faith in God keeps her going and keeps her strong.  I admire that about her. I think her strength goes down the line....

Monday, October 20, 2014

Prayers for my Son

As if the walls can't tumble in any more. Thursday the 16th, we finally got to see a cardiologist for my son. They believe he has SVT  They need to do a surgery called Catheter Ablation They will go in with the catheter and find where the electrical wiring is firing off.  I am still reading up on this and don't have all the facts. You can click on the underlined link I highlighted above to read more if you want to.  But my understanding is that when this is successful the child does not ever have issues again!  As a parent of course we always worry about our kids. But every time I start to worry, I TRY to just talk to God. This surgery is Wednesday the 29th. He will stay the night in the hospitol and get to come home Thursday sometime. Praying and believing all goes perfect!!!

With all this stress I have some how developed TMJ in my jaw from sleeping with my jaw clentched down I guess. I am trying chiropractic care and a new oil I am picking up from a friend of mine. I can handle this. I just want my kids and family all healthy!!

Good things are coming our way!! I feel it and believe it !!!

The Angels lead him to heaven~ Saying goodbye to my Hero

On October 15th I got the call that I was dreading every time I would see my mothers cell number on my phone. I was sitting in my house, just finished dinner and was cleaning up things when I got the call, I missed it because my phone was charging. When I looked at my phone 30 minutes later I saw she called. Called them back and My step dad told me. I literally broke down, sobbing. My family heard me from the basement. I lost my hero!! He suffered so long from emphysema COPD. He fought west Nile last summer. He was the strongest person I have ever known by far. He would have bouts of hard times with his health. Then he would push through. My Grandpa was a contractor his whole life, and even at 92 years old he was still developing his land and currently just finished 2 more homes and was about to start another to sell. He did extraordinary things in his life and I admire him so much. My mother had me at a very young age and this man has always always been here for me.  

Gramps, no matter what, you did no wrong in my eyes and I know I did no wrong in yours. The life time of memories, and the special bond we have always had will be a treasure I will hold so dear and close to my heart forever. Words can not express how much you will be missed by us all!! I am so thankful we got that time together a couple ...weeks ago to talk, shoot the bull, and give you that last hair cut you needed. You were to me the ONE MAN in my life that has been here for me ALWAYS with out waiver, and I thank you for that!! Tonight we all hurt and miss you, but I know you are BREATHING the fresh air of Heaven right now and that is priceless. I know the angels were singing as they welcomed you home!!! I love you…always and FOREVER, my Gramps, My hero!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Function mode:101

Seems lately for several months now there has just been one thing after the other going on. Seems there is not one second for a breather.  To say the least this past year has been a challenge for our family. Cars and water heaters have broken down, but all I care about and want it for every one in my family to be healthy.  Going from one child's health issues to another now trying to figure out what my son's issues are with his racing heart.  Last week I got him to the clinic during one of his episodes and they got his heart going 210/min. Unreal to me how fast it gets going. When I read on the Internet it sounds to me like Tachycardia. But there are different types of tachycardia it looks like. I did get him in to see a specialist after begging to the nurse on the phone at the Heart Doctor clinic.  I know my son is worried and so I am. I am definitely not sleeping well thinking about it and so many other things going on in my life. Hopefully we get close to answers on Thursday this week for him. For now he is on a heart monitor he wears to capture and record any episodes he may have.

My grandfather is still hanging on. Or I guess you could say God is waiting. I am not sure why God is waiting, but he is. He is struggling to breath more and more suffering every day that goes by.  My grandfather is catholic and called the priest to come and pray with him a week ago. I am very happy he did that. I knew he is a believer, but this definitely gives gramps and every one reassurance as to where he is going. I talk to my mom who sees them daily and helps out a lot I know it gets harder and harder to see him suffer so much. A lot of sadness on our family to watch him suffer this way. 

Where to find strength in everything?  The only place I feel i can get a sense of peace is  through God.  Some days I may decide to carry it all myself, and other days I am at his feet !! Some days I would rather just stay in bed, but I know I have to keep on keeping on because I have 3 children counting on me to be their strength as well.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Update for Amanda

There is nothing better than picking up the phone and hearing from your Dr, "we have great news".  Yes finally Amanda's blood work showed her inflammatory levels being normal. Thank you Lord for this answered prayer and healing!!  We knew in our hearts that this reading would be a good one. But nothing better than hearing it!!  Amanda has gone through a lot of different changes lately and I know that God has amazing things planned for a very bright future. She truly is an inspiration. Her heart is so big and loving. I am very proud of her!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


One of my most favorite times of the year is Autumn. The beauty that seems to change weekly.   I always want to hang onto those leaves and it is sad to see them fall, but watching there beautiful transformation can be breath taking, just like watching my daughter grow up before my eyes.

Soon the leaves will fall and a new season begins. For now I will soak in every single day of Autumn that I can. Life is precious, soak it all in, even if it seems like something small.