Monday, October 20, 2014

Prayers for my Son

As if the walls can't tumble in any more. Thursday the 16th, we finally got to see a cardiologist for my son. They believe he has SVT  They need to do a surgery called Catheter Ablation They will go in with the catheter and find where the electrical wiring is firing off.  I am still reading up on this and don't have all the facts. You can click on the underlined link I highlighted above to read more if you want to.  But my understanding is that when this is successful the child does not ever have issues again!  As a parent of course we always worry about our kids. But every time I start to worry, I TRY to just talk to God. This surgery is Wednesday the 29th. He will stay the night in the hospitol and get to come home Thursday sometime. Praying and believing all goes perfect!!!

With all this stress I have some how developed TMJ in my jaw from sleeping with my jaw clentched down I guess. I am trying chiropractic care and a new oil I am picking up from a friend of mine. I can handle this. I just want my kids and family all healthy!!

Good things are coming our way!! I feel it and believe it !!!

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