Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Seems lately for several months now there has just been one thing after the other going on. Seems there is not one second for a breather.  To say the least this past year has been a challenge for our family. Cars and water heaters have broken down, but all I care about and want it for every one in my family to be healthy.  Going from one child's health issues to another now trying to figure out what my son's issues are with his racing heart.  Last week I got him to the clinic during one of his episodes and they got his heart going 210/min. Unreal to me how fast it gets going. When I read on the Internet it sounds to me like Tachycardia. But there are different types of tachycardia it looks like. I did get him in to see a specialist after begging to the nurse on the phone at the Heart Doctor clinic.  I know my son is worried and so I am. I am definitely not sleeping well thinking about it and so many other things going on in my life. Hopefully we get close to answers on Thursday this week for him. For now he is on a heart monitor he wears to capture and record any episodes he may have.

My grandfather is still hanging on. Or I guess you could say God is waiting. I am not sure why God is waiting, but he is. He is struggling to breath more and more suffering every day that goes by.  My grandfather is catholic and called the priest to come and pray with him a week ago. I am very happy he did that. I knew he is a believer, but this definitely gives gramps and every one reassurance as to where he is going. I talk to my mom who sees them daily and helps out a lot I know it gets harder and harder to see him suffer so much. A lot of sadness on our family to watch him suffer this way. 

Where to find strength in everything?  The only place I feel i can get a sense of peace is  through God.  Some days I may decide to carry it all myself, and other days I am at his feet !! Some days I would rather just stay in bed, but I know I have to keep on keeping on because I have 3 children counting on me to be their strength as well.

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