Monday, October 20, 2014

The Angels lead him to heaven~ Saying goodbye to my Hero

On October 15th I got the call that I was dreading every time I would see my mothers cell number on my phone. I was sitting in my house, just finished dinner and was cleaning up things when I got the call, I missed it because my phone was charging. When I looked at my phone 30 minutes later I saw she called. Called them back and My step dad told me. I literally broke down, sobbing. My family heard me from the basement. I lost my hero!! He suffered so long from emphysema COPD. He fought west Nile last summer. He was the strongest person I have ever known by far. He would have bouts of hard times with his health. Then he would push through. My Grandpa was a contractor his whole life, and even at 92 years old he was still developing his land and currently just finished 2 more homes and was about to start another to sell. He did extraordinary things in his life and I admire him so much. My mother had me at a very young age and this man has always always been here for me.  

Gramps, no matter what, you did no wrong in my eyes and I know I did no wrong in yours. The life time of memories, and the special bond we have always had will be a treasure I will hold so dear and close to my heart forever. Words can not express how much you will be missed by us all!! I am so thankful we got that time together a couple ...weeks ago to talk, shoot the bull, and give you that last hair cut you needed. You were to me the ONE MAN in my life that has been here for me ALWAYS with out waiver, and I thank you for that!! Tonight we all hurt and miss you, but I know you are BREATHING the fresh air of Heaven right now and that is priceless. I know the angels were singing as they welcomed you home!!! I love you…always and FOREVER, my Gramps, My hero!!

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