Monday, May 21, 2012

Some May Highlights....

This week school is winding down....and summer vacation is soon to start. Kids both have finals this week and are so ready to be done!  We are all ready for a summer break. Grill outs, hanging out with our friends and family, and no home work. :-))) 
We are so proud of Amanda, she was chosen as student of the month in her school. They choose 7 students all year. What a great thing to be proud of!

 Gracie graduated from her preschool. She began in February. So it was a short little season of preschool, but I think just perfect for being 3. She loved her teacher Miss Shanna and made some new little friends.

This is a very familiar site of Bailey ..playing x box with his friend Max on the other end! Hard to believe next year he will be a sophmore, Amanda a 8th grader and Gracie in preschool again.

May was also a fun month for shopping for some summer cloths. I like to take all kids separately now. It just seems to work much better. Makes me a little tired, but it is fun treating them and getting some one on one time with them .  The day I took Bay he drove...Nice for me to just ride!! :-)

 Here is Bay and I just leaving for his shopping day. ..

I have to say that this year was a big change for me with not working and being home. But I enjoyed it 100% and my kids loved mommy being home after school or being here for what ever they needed. Id have to add that I am pretty sure Terry also enjoyed dinners being ready when he gets home too.

Summer Vacation ....Is welcome to show up now...We are ready for fun in the sun!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Amanda Our Track Star

 IT's been a really fun track Season for Amanda...she has certainly amazed us and her team by her huge ambition and determination to win! She works hard , sets her mind to it and I swear when I watch her it is like watching a horse race..."and around the corner , there is Amanda in third, now second, now first"!!  Loved watching her this year and we are so very very proud!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mothers Day to my mom and my friend

This Sunday we all celebrate mothers day. Weather you grew under your mommy's heart, or in her heart it is all the same. There is no love like the love of our mother.  My mom has always loved me unconditionally! Thank you mom for all that you do for all of us. We could not do life with out you!  I hope you not only feel loved today, but every day. I treasure your love and friendship.
Happy Mothers Day Mom!

I love you ,

(In photo above~ me, my mom, sister Mandi, and brother Jason)

 Luv you mom with all of my heart!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sickness is No Fun

This past week starting on Thursday Gracie was not feeling well, starting not wanting to eat..her throat hurt, by Saturday it was worse so we took her in to Dr who said well looks like allergies. Hmm, I was very unhappy about that diagnoses, I just knew there was more to it. By Monday we took her in again since she ran a fever all weekend and was just getting worse again. This New Dr. did strep test , blood work, and saw nothing , but gave us amoxicillan since she felt she was fighting something. Still by Wed this week she was wayyyy worse. Took her in again a third time, same Dr, ran same tests again, then sent us to a pediatrician. While waiting for the pediatrician we got message from nurse that says the ped didn't want to see her and we were to go to the ER.  (I was on my way to a Dr apt that was about an hr away, Terry had her at this apt, and we had a funeral to be at by 2 in the afternoon. ). Needless to say , as soon as I heard she was heading to the ER, I turned around and met them there at the hospital to hold my baby girl close. At first they thought they would put her in hospital, then the dr decided to give her a shot of antibiotic. When he looked in her throat it took him two seconds to say "wow, she has a large abscess on her tonsil".  I'm not sure why the other two doctors could not see that, or why the ped couldn't see her and tell us this too. We were just thankful to have a answer finally!! And to get our daughter on the mend quickly.  She was a trooper that is for sure through it all. Isn't it amazing how hard and hurtful it is when you children are sick? The sleepless nights getting up looking at her, watching over her and worry that goes along with not knowing what is wrong and not being able to help her.
So after the shot , Terry took her home to nap, I went to the funeral, and by that night Terry was bringing her to mom's house to join us all. She was suddenly eating, drinking, and even playing with her cousins. She had not done any of that for 7 days. So nice to have our Gracie back!! During all the Dr visits and frustration it was so nice to hear messages from my face book of people encouraging and offering their prayers for her.
 Above: At hospital ~ you can see how miserable she was, wouldn't even swallow her own spit!! 7 hours later, she is eating a bowl of cereal and looking soooo much better!!!! Thank you Lord!