Monday, May 21, 2012

Some May Highlights....

This week school is winding down....and summer vacation is soon to start. Kids both have finals this week and are so ready to be done!  We are all ready for a summer break. Grill outs, hanging out with our friends and family, and no home work. :-))) 
We are so proud of Amanda, she was chosen as student of the month in her school. They choose 7 students all year. What a great thing to be proud of!

 Gracie graduated from her preschool. She began in February. So it was a short little season of preschool, but I think just perfect for being 3. She loved her teacher Miss Shanna and made some new little friends.

This is a very familiar site of Bailey ..playing x box with his friend Max on the other end! Hard to believe next year he will be a sophmore, Amanda a 8th grader and Gracie in preschool again.

May was also a fun month for shopping for some summer cloths. I like to take all kids separately now. It just seems to work much better. Makes me a little tired, but it is fun treating them and getting some one on one time with them .  The day I took Bay he drove...Nice for me to just ride!! :-)

 Here is Bay and I just leaving for his shopping day. ..

I have to say that this year was a big change for me with not working and being home. But I enjoyed it 100% and my kids loved mommy being home after school or being here for what ever they needed. Id have to add that I am pretty sure Terry also enjoyed dinners being ready when he gets home too.

Summer Vacation ....Is welcome to show up now...We are ready for fun in the sun!!

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