Monday, November 24, 2014

The hussle bussle begins...

 Count down to Thanksgiving and pressure of the Christmas buying begins and budgets always seem to get blown.  Santa is already set up in the malls. What? WHY? Can we get through one holiday first please!! Well I guess not. He must need more time to get those lists and check them twice, or ten times!! Sales begin in the stores and you wonder, "will they be better on Black Friday".  People already making those mental notes of things they want to buy and what day they will choose to go stand in line for hours to get that price on that one product. Yes I am guilty of this too. Later you find out they have just as good of sales later in December as well. But maybe there is an adrenaline rush in the planning to go get that awesome price. Ya, until you stand in line and fight crowds of people, you suddenly feel yourself saying "get me outta here".  Heck now they even have "Pre black friday sales".
 This year I feel so over it all. I don't feel like going into the malls, or standing in the black friday lines.  I just want to enjoy the holiday as it comes. Lets slow down please. Lets enjoy each other and make time to do special things with the ones we love.  I love making traditions and adding new ones for my kids through the years. They have really grown to love them and appreciate them too. In fact, they count on them and I don't dare change them. Maybe this is a vent, or maybe this is me just thinking out loud about the holiday craziness. Take from it what you will.

In all the hussle and bussle...remember it is not really all about that gift. The true gift is your time and your attention to those you love!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Sweet 16-Letter from Mommy

Happy Birthday Beautiful Daughter!! 
Words can not describe the amount of love I have for you. You make me such a proud mommy! You have been through a lot in this past year, but you have truly shined through it all. I know with out a doubt that the Love you share with Jesus is where your strength has come from. I see you continue to seek him every day, I see you thank Him in all you are grateful for and as a mother to see this, it makes my heart complete.  You have learned that with Him everything and anything is possible. You don't talk it, you LIVE it!  I am blessed to have you as my daughter, and my friend.  I look forward to watching the many blessings God has for your life. Take each day as it is and enjoy the little things. Don't rush growing up, because time goes so fast. Cherish your family, value your friends, and always know God has your back! 

I love you 

 Make a Wish.....

A few of us that Celebrated the BIG ONE WITH YOU! We all LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

 My daughter and sweet little niece that get to share the same birthday!!
Happy 16th
and Happy 3rd to Little Eira xxoo

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Get Up..Get up...Don't give up!

Yesterday was one of those grand old classic days where you wake up and it seems everything through out that day seems to go south. No sleep the night of surely doesn't help for having a very clear head or patience for anyone or anything. You ever have those weeks? Maybe it is money stress, relationship, friend, schedules, rejection, people pulling at you from all directions, a work deadline, health issues, loss of a loved one, appointments that fill up your date book more than you want? For me, it seems things a lot of times come in big giant waves. It can be great one day, and then here comes the big wave again. When you get knocked down and exhausted in life where do you go? It's easy to sometimes, get busy, and start doing things on your own or forget God is just waiting, or maybe you don't want to bother Him with your issues, but in fact, He is the one that I have always found to be constant. It is important to have someone you trust too. A good friend, or a pastor, someone.  I love talking to my best friend. Nothing like our discussions of total honesty.  She gets me. She understands my thinking, and my feelings and my life better than anyone. Maybe better than myself sometimes. But God is the only one that can give me strength at those moments I feel defeated. I am learning all the time. I am far from perfect. I have flaws. But God loves me anyway. Just like he loves you. We have to talk to God in these times and not forget that he will help us through, why is that so easy to forget.  As I wept in bed last night I cried out to him. I realized I had not spoken to him for a couple of days. I was taking care of things myself. The wave came over and He was there. He met me right where I was and today, I feel better. My mind is more positive than my circumstances and that is the key. There will always be things, issues, or a struggle. But our minds can over come them and circumstances do not have to control us and steal inner joy.  So if you are struggling today, don't let someone steel your joy and take a day, a hour away from you. Get up, pray, smile and know you are beautiful inside and out AND no matter what the Big Guy always has your back!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014


 Cardio is a part of my every day routine. But I absolutly love when I am out running and I am stunned with the beauty of a sunset. Something about them that makes me feel so at peace and in awe.  I stopped for about 10 minutes to watch and every minute it looked different. Lately the sunsets around here have been amazing. xoxo

Trick n Treat

Despite all the extra stuff we had going on, I still had my little one to take door to door. Sometimes as parents we do not feel up to doing things, and I certainly did not feel up to dressing up as she insisted to go out through our neighborhood. My older daughter was headed out with her friends, but took a few minutes to paint my face, and little Grace went through her box of stuff to find me some of her dress up ears.  We put together some last minute costumage and went out.  Soon as I see my little one skipping with excitement my mood of not wanting to do this went away. She very much missed me being gone with Bailey and was so excited to go out with her mommy!! My feeling of not wanting to became great joy and we had a super fun time!  Sometimes it is just those little things and time our children want from us. xoxo