Friday, November 7, 2014

Trick n Treat

Despite all the extra stuff we had going on, I still had my little one to take door to door. Sometimes as parents we do not feel up to doing things, and I certainly did not feel up to dressing up as she insisted to go out through our neighborhood. My older daughter was headed out with her friends, but took a few minutes to paint my face, and little Grace went through her box of stuff to find me some of her dress up ears.  We put together some last minute costumage and went out.  Soon as I see my little one skipping with excitement my mood of not wanting to do this went away. She very much missed me being gone with Bailey and was so excited to go out with her mommy!! My feeling of not wanting to became great joy and we had a super fun time!  Sometimes it is just those little things and time our children want from us. xoxo

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