Monday, November 24, 2014

The hussle bussle begins...

 Count down to Thanksgiving and pressure of the Christmas buying begins and budgets always seem to get blown.  Santa is already set up in the malls. What? WHY? Can we get through one holiday first please!! Well I guess not. He must need more time to get those lists and check them twice, or ten times!! Sales begin in the stores and you wonder, "will they be better on Black Friday".  People already making those mental notes of things they want to buy and what day they will choose to go stand in line for hours to get that price on that one product. Yes I am guilty of this too. Later you find out they have just as good of sales later in December as well. But maybe there is an adrenaline rush in the planning to go get that awesome price. Ya, until you stand in line and fight crowds of people, you suddenly feel yourself saying "get me outta here".  Heck now they even have "Pre black friday sales".
 This year I feel so over it all. I don't feel like going into the malls, or standing in the black friday lines.  I just want to enjoy the holiday as it comes. Lets slow down please. Lets enjoy each other and make time to do special things with the ones we love.  I love making traditions and adding new ones for my kids through the years. They have really grown to love them and appreciate them too. In fact, they count on them and I don't dare change them. Maybe this is a vent, or maybe this is me just thinking out loud about the holiday craziness. Take from it what you will.

In all the hussle and bussle...remember it is not really all about that gift. The true gift is your time and your attention to those you love!!

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