Sunday, November 28, 2010


This year for many reason, I just could not wait to get home to see my family. Seemed like the time just flew by. We are so busy when we are home. I don't think Gracie has been in and out of her car seat so many times before!
I usually have my camera very busy, but this week unfortunatly I did not get many photos.
Here is my lovely neice that was picking on me..Dillan!

 Here is my aunt Sandy..I gave her the nick name many years ago Noney! She and her husband Bob were so nice to let us stay in there new home while we were home.
 Thanksgiving eve..having dinner at my aunts house. This is my Grandparents. As you can see Gracie is having a pretty good discussion with them both.
 This is Thanksgiving day out at my Grandma's house. Her and my grandpa have lived in the same home since they got married. You can find every memory possible in her home! Thank you Grandma and everyone that helped make dinner so marvelous!!
 Kiddos playing some games after dinner..
 This my other Grandma..with all her Great Grand Children. My Grandpa passed away 2 years ago so we really miss him every time we go to visit Grandma. She love her Great Grandkids like Crazy. This is our kids, Bailey 14, Amanda 12, Gracie 2. My brothers kids, Dillan 7, Rylan 5. We never see her for Christmas so she had all her presents ready for us all. IT was a really fun time.
 I have done many tire runs in the past 6 months. So my aunt Sandy wanted to try it to run off some turkey day calories..we did and and well.....
 as you see...she is dragging a little behind me....LOL.
Fun times with family and great memories for us and our kids with their cousins. Just wish I had more pics.

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