Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

aunt Paige with Gracie

this year thanksgiving was very different from past years. Usually we are around between 20-30 family members at my Grandmothers house in my home town. But this year with my sister having her baby we spent thanksgiving here at the cabin with a very small amount of family. Turned out we did not see my sister and baby this day as they were with her hubby's family all day. Oh well, we got to see them the next day. Either way the cabin is a peaceful place to be, but missed seeing my grandparents big time this year. Now not sure when we will make a trip home to see them, but sometime very soon, hopefully before Christmas. So for us this year Thanksgiving was pretty quiet!

Amanda and I on cabin deck..

 My mom and Mark...
 some of the little crowd at table
 my two teenagers....

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