Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Korean Dinner ....Cheers baby Grace!

CHEERS to our First "Real" Korean Dinner - ( 7-UP Pop in the glasses)
We have been excited to really cook Korean. This week we bought a Wok! We have been really excited to cook with it! This dinner was definetly a hit! The wait for Grace is long, so this is something fun for us to be able to start finding some Korean dinners we love to make and share with friends and family!

Lots of Prep went into making this special Dinner!

Whats on the Menu??
Bulgogi with Rice and Veggies

Haetgamja Jorim

Kwail Salad- Fruit salad with pine nut dressing

We ALL LOVED Our Dinner and will be doing it again really soon! ONLY next time with some of our good friends and in the near future with Grace sitting at our table too!

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